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PM: Turn out enmasse, vote CCM 28th October

CCM Central Committee member, Kassim Majaliwa has urged Mara Region residents to come out enmasse on 28th next month and vote Dr John Magufuli to power, because he has all the qualities of a good leader.

Mr Majaliwa, who is also the country’s Prime Minister at a political rally convened at Kibara Stadium in Kibara area, Bunda District on Tuesday further said: “All other businesses should be put to rest on October 28th …this is not a try-out or mockery day, it is the day to choose someone, who will be important to us in development and this is none other than Dr John Magufuli.

“People should vote for a person who can supervise the resources of the country…a person who can protect the values of the country and the one who will not end up altering the National Anthem if elected to lead the country,” said Mr Majaliwa.

He said the country needs someone who will be able to fight graft and ensure marginalized people acquire their rights without soliciting bribe from them, adding that all the qualities are displayed by Dr Magufuli.

The Premier, at the site asked Mwibara people to vote Charles Kajege as their next Member of Parliament on CCM ticket as well as Nyanguli Mtesigwa as Mwibara Councillor without forgetting all other candidates competing for Councillorship posts through CCM party in Bunda district.

On a political party with a clear election policy, he cited CCM’s 2020-2025 manifestos that consist of 303 pages and the new 2015-2020 that has 236 pages as all underlining priorities being supervised by the party. “The implementers of all is seen in Dr Magufuli as the next president, accompanied by MPs and Councilor in CCM party…the three positions are key in rolling the dice.

“I am asking you to give all your votes to Dr Magufuli to complete what he started as indicated in the manifesto…we should also chose an MP and councillors on CCM ticket for them to speak the same language,” he said.

Besides, the PM hinted that about 1.8bn/- had been released by the government for the construction of the area District Hospital, while 152m/- was released for building a local Dispensary.

Likewise, a total of 6.2bn/- was released for the rehabilitation and construction of various projects in Bunda District Council. Such implementations included digging long and short term water wells, building tanks and dams construction.

Among the villages which have benefited are Nyatwali, Nyamuswa, Mgeta –Nyang'aranga, Kinyabwiga, Bulamba and Kibara. Earlier on at Kisorya, the Premier told the residents on the government’s plan to put up three Wards for women, men and children at the areas Health Centre.

Mr Majaliwa added that the government has allocated a sum of 550m/- for the strengthening of the Health Centre by erecting a kitchen, laundry area and mortuary.

On roads, he revealed that 2.9bn/- was issued out for connecting roads in the villages, and rehabilitation of critical areas destroyed by floods, bridges, culverts and ordinary maintenance. 

Electricity is among the areas the Prime Minister talked of a community project CCM government has improved, saying that a total of 77 villages out of 78 have so far have been provided with electricity except Nafubu village in Kisiwani, adding that plans are underway to serve it with solar, because its geographical location in water, does not necessitate electricity.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Mara

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