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Mwinyi pledges to establish sardine business hub

PLANS are underway to transform North 'A' district's Fungurefu coastal village into a busy sardine business hub, with a huge sardine drying factory, landing-pier and international market.

CCM's candidate for Zanzibar presidency Dr Hussein Mwinyi told the sardine dealers at the village in Tumbatu Constituency that if elected, he will effectively supervise the plans' execution.

“The government has already planned the transformation of Fungurefu area into a sardine business centre...just vote for CCM candidates and you will have elected your own economic prosperity,” Dr Mwinyi told the sardine dryers at their place of work.

The dealers had decried low prices on their produce due to reliance on single Congolese market. Responding, the presidential aspirant reaffirmed his resolve to empower Zanzibaris economically, including creating markets for their products and farm produce.

“We have chickens from America and Brazil consumed in Zanzibar today...why shouldn't we establish commercial chick farms, invest in feed factories and use these sardines as our raw materials,” queried Dr Mwinyi, promising to diversify the sardine market if endorsed for the presidency.

The CCM flag bearer was on his second day of physically meeting potential voters in Unguja yesterday where he listened to their challenges and asked for votes to address what he described as "problems with readily available solutions."

He first met food vendors at Kinyasini market and pledged to construct an imposing structure for the food business with all the essential amenities, including toilets, water and power supply.

At the eating area, the food vendors, mostly ladies greeted the presidential hopeful with ululations, handshakes and some yearning for hugs. The food entrepreneurs assured the candidate of their votes on October 28th, 2020.

As the presidential aspirant disembarked from his car at Kinyasini Bus Stand, a maize roster welcomed him with a roasted maize offer, which Dr Mwinyi received with humility.

The aspirant further visited traders at Kinyasini main market and listened to their concerns, top on the list being the 1,500/- they pay daily as market duty—translating into 547,500/- annually.

“We have many problems here and it seems we have nobody to complain to...I'm emotionally touched by your presence here today,” Mekidida Masato Mtema said, pleading with the "our president in waiting for oath" to intervene in the costs of doing business at the market and availability of credit facilities for entrepreneurs.

Dr Mwinyi assured the traders that arrangements are afoot to have all small-scale entrepreneurs paying 30,000/- annually and getting identity cards that will allow them to freely conduct their businesses.

He however challenged them to come together and form strong associations to facilitate their access to credit facilities and other business facilitation.

“Come together and form groups because reaching to you as individuals may be difficult,” counselled Dr Mwinyi.

At Muyuni Matemwe landing-pier, Dr Mwinyi reiterated his pledge to ensure justice reigns in the communities, which have been deprived of their land. 

"We need investors but not at the expense of our citizens...all investments should first benefit the hosting communities," he told fishermen at the wharf.

Author: MASATO MASATO in Zanzibar

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