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NEC completes appeal review as 20 MP candidates sail unopposed

THE National Electoral Commission (NEC) has completed the review and analysis of all appeals lodged to the electoral body, with 20 parliamentary candidates confirmed to have sailed unopposed.

According to a statement issued by the national electoral body and signed by NEC Director of Elections, Dr Wilson Mahera, NEC received a total of 616 appeals, of which 160 were related to parliamentary election while 456 were related to councillorship elections.

The national electoral body also received 25 complaints while 44 were repetitive appeals.

“The commission has analysed exhibits, documents, and details of the appellants submitted to ensure that justice is done in accordance with election laws and regulations,” the statement read in part.

"Of the 160 parliamentary appeals ruled by the commission, 66 candidates were reinstated, 32 were dismissed, 57 appeals were rejected and five were repetitive appeals," the statement added.

Dr Mahera said after the deadline set for raising objections and appeal period reached, parliamentary candidates who sailed unopposed in accordance with section 44 of the National Electoral Act, Chapter 343 are 20, adding that the Commission will publish their names in the Government Gazette in accordance with the law.

Earlier on the national electoral body confirmed that 18 candidates had sailed unopposed, but having gone through appeals, three candidates in Bukene, Kavuu and Namtumbo constituencies were reinstated, reducing the number of unopposed parliamentary candidates to 15.

However, Dr Mahera said later NEC disqualified three more candidates after reviewing and analysing the appeals, again raising the number of unopposed parliamentary candidates to 18.

Also, the commission received a notice of withdrawal from two parliamentary candidates in Chalinze and Madaba constituencies, further raising the number of candidates for legislative seats who sailed unopposed to 20.

Among the prominent politicians who passed unopposed include Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa of Ruangwa constituency, Nape Nnauye (Mtama), Job Ndugai (Kongwa), Palamagamba Kabudi (Kilosa), Sagini Abdallah (Butiama) and Alexander Mnyeti (Misungwi). Also on the list are prominent businessmen Ahmed Shabiby (Gairo), Taletale Shabani (Morogoro East), Eng Isaac Kamwelwe (Katavi), Kalogereris Innocent (Morogoro South), Philipo Mulugo (Songwe), Dr Hamis Kigwangala (Nzega Rural), January Makamba (Bumbuli) and Jonas Zeeland (Mvomero).

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