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Simba's CEO unveils three priorities

SIMBA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Barbara Gonzalez has outlined three priorities to be accomplished under her guidance with revenue being top in the list.

She mentioned them as increasing revenue, cost efficiency and widening the club’s brand outside the country.

The CEO said this recently in Dar es Salaam, while highlighting on some of the top things she is able to bring for Simba, Tanzania and Africa at large.

“The most important thing I will do is to ensure that we get enough revenue. Football cannot be run without money. You can see from clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Barcelona all these do well because they have enough means to generate money," she said.

She added: “CEO in reality is Chief Revenue Officer whose main task is to seek money and nothing else. “The second thing is to create cost efficiencies. If you are unable to make cost efficiencies in money expenditure then you cannot succeed. For instance, why should you buy a banner at 1m/- while you are aware that you can get the same product somewhere at 400,000/-?" she asked.

She continued: “The third priority and most important after revenue is expanding the brand of Simba to the entire world.”

“Once you become a leader, not everyone will be pleased with what you do; others will like your job while a certain category will dislike you. “I have learned a lot from Mohamed Dewji 'Mo' that no matter what you do; people will always talk about you. The best thing is to close your ears and move forward,” she said.

Furthermore, the Simba boss disclosed that from 2016 till now, she was indirectly involved in many decision making issues involving the club on behalf of Dewji as such, she is not new to fill the CEO void.

“I was involved in issues concerning tenders, structure of the board and many things but I like to operate in darkness that is why many people do not know me. I am not a front person and I like my works to speak for me,” she narrated.

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