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Huawei trains govt officers on 5G technology application

SOME 24 civil servants and engineers from the Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication (MWTC), Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation (TTCL Corp.) and ICT Commission, received certificates of completion of a 9-day 5G technology and application training that was organised by Huawei Tanzania Company in Dodoma City, recently.

Presiding over the ceremony and awarding certificates Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Dr Zainab Chaula, said: “As a government, we need to enhance our digital capacity building. We need to keep ourselves updated with the latest knowledge and skills, which meet the requirements of this digital era and be sensitive to the latest trends that could transform or disrupt our businesses and lives. “More importantly, we need to sharpen our essential ICT skills through up-skilling and reskilling in order to catch up with the fast-moving train, to cope with challenges and to better serve our people in an innovative and efficient way.”

Dr Chaula further pointed out the training provided by Huawei was a good example of how successful it can be to work with trustworthy private partners in strengthening development capacities, adding that that was another step taken by Tanzania towards strengthening its capacity to move in the digital realm.

“It is a timely empowerment of the digital literacy for the civil servants… as the initiative is also in-line with the National ICT Policy (2016), whose one of the objective is to develop and enhance human capital that is capable of championing ICT in the creation of Tanzanian’s knowledge based society.

“It is important for us to foster an open and healthy ecosystem, where every stakeholder can participate, contribute, and benefit from, and that would drive the sustainable growth of the sector and socialeconomic development of the country.

So we welcome partners like Huawei to further participate in the discussions, capacity building and policy consultation on how to better tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities along the road to a middle-income country, and make your unique contribution to the prosperity of Tanzania,” said the PS.

On his part, Huawei Tanzania Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Damon Zhang said as Tanzania has greatly improved its ICT infrastructure and extended the coverage to almost every corner of the country, bridging digital skills gap is, where the country can make a real difference in making the most out of the existing connectivity.

“Since we started operations in Tanzania in 2007, Huawei Tanzania has committed to transferring ICT knowledge and skills to Tanzanians, by both up-skilling and reskilling professionals with our global expertise and encouraging young people to start the journey of ICT-related studies.

“We envision that in Tanzania, practitioners will be more capable of innovating with deeper ICT knowledge, and ordinary citizens will be able to explore opportunities with basic ICT skills, and young people who are interested in ICT studies will build their country digitally,” Zhang said.

In the training, the first batch of Tanzanian professionals took courses including 5G radio key technologies and network deployment, 5G spectrum requirements and planning, 5G business models and 5G governance.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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