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State vows to electrify all homes

State vows to electrify all homes

THE government has reiterated its commitment to ensure all homes are provided with electricity in line with its efforts to drive power into every village across the country.

Deputy Minister for Energy Ms Subira Mgalu issued the assurance over the weekend, while switching on the power in some villages and public institutions in Mpwapwa and Kilosa districts in Dodoma and Morogoro regions respectively.

According to the deputy minister, the first challenge was to supply electricity into villages in which the government has performed beyond targets.

“After this exercise, our teams from the Tanzania Electric Supply Company and the Rural Energy Agency will have to ensure every suburb and every home is connected at a fixed rate of 27,000/-,” she announced.

The Deputy Minister said the first round of REA phase three comes to an end and the government has already identified new contractors to implement the second round of REA phase three, adding: “We expect to apportion locations for new contractors between August 20 and September 20, this year,” she added.

Official records from the ministry indicate that 851bn/- has been allocated for the purpose and an additional 179bn/- will be spent on connecting peri-urban areas in 16 regions including Dodoma to the important source of power.

However, Ms Mgalu was concerned that some homes have not seen the essence of connecting to the power grid, and hence, urged the communities and utility authorities to engage with the people to help raise awareness on the benefit of the electricity service at their homes.

“Today I am going to pay for the power connection fee of Julia Mtema, an old woman and widow whose house is just near the electricity pole but she is not connected,” she said shortly after officially electrifying Kimagai village in Mpwapwa District.

While in Kilosa, the Deputy Minister said the government has connected some 9512 villages up from 2018 villages in 2015. She noted that about 3,000 villages will be connected during the next phase and over 1,000 suburbs.

Elaborating, she directed Tanesco and REA to immediately send electricity to unconnected homes in Rumuma and Msowero areas in Kilosa District.

Daniel Makala Kingu, Tanesco’s Kilosa District Manager assured the deputy minister, the company will work on the directive to ensure at least over half the population in the area is connected.

He said Tanesco had spent 90m/- to supply electricity in Msowero and Idole villages in the district.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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