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More than 400 graduates who study overseas meet in Dar

MORE than 400 graduates who studied in different universities abroad are expected to meet in a unique ceremony in Dar es Salaam with the intention of sharing talents and skills to employ themselves and others in various fields.

The Director for Global Education Link (GEL), Mr Abdulmalik Mollel, told this paper that it is high time the graduates utilized their skills in creating job opportunities and contribute in growing the country’s economy.

He made the speech ahead of the GEL second graduation ceremony of the students it assisted to study abroad and locally expected to revel again on September 19, this year at Mlimani City in Dar es Salaam.

GEL is an agency for overseas education link that connects Tanzanian students willing to study abroad with different external institutions.

He said GEL intention is to connect those graduates with different government, private institutions and investors to build networks among them, after they have stayed abroad for a very long time.

Mr Mollel said until 2019/2020, over 3,000 students who were enrolled through Global Education Link have successfully graduated from various overseas universities in various fields including medicine and allied sciences, engineering basic sciences, business law, arts and humanities.

He said for the first time in Tanzania on August 11, 2019, GEL held the first graduation ceremony for 300 students, who successfully completed their studies abroad, adding that it was a big ceremony that was attended by over 2,000 people, who included their families, employing institutions, education stakeholders, business entities and various government officials.

Mr Mollel added that this year’s ceremony will provide GEL with an opportunity, where families and friends of the graduates would come together, and witness students with outstanding performance in earned diplomas or degree certificates.

He added that during the ceremony, the graduates will share their excitement and show importance of their academic work to the pool of fellow students, families, friends, and later be awarded in recognition of their outstanding academic performances, leadership, innovation and creativity as well as best prepared business proposal(s).

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