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Smoke screen? Transfer turns Mazingisa - Morrison affair

SURELY, the ongoing transfer window has left a big mark on Tanzania football which will never be forgotten following big deals that have happened and completed which previously, were thought impossible.

It should always be known that success in football circles is not only derived from the pitch but, what happens behind the curtain also plays a very crucial part to achieve tangible results for the clubs.

The crossing of boundaries of then Simba SC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Senzo Mazingisa to traditional rivals Young Africans has been labelled by many sport commentators as healthy for the growth of football in the country.

Nobody expected such a big move to happen especially considering the fact that teams are busy repairing their respective squads which directly performs the intended job on the pitch and not much attention was put towards improving their administrative sectors.

One can, therefore, confidently state that it is the first time in the country for these two oldest clubs to accomplish such administrative deals as previously, it only involved movement of players from either Jangwani street to Msimbazi Street or vice versa.

When the news that Senzo has tendered his resignation letter at the Reds, a club which under his guidance managed to lift high three titles last season was heard, most people thought he was definitely moving out of the country to seek green pastures elsewhere since he has a fat CV which can easily enable him to get a job mainly in football administration areas.

But, that was never the case as photos on social media outlets of him (Senzo) inking a deal to serve for the Jangwani Street based side in company of the team’s Kit and Merchandise suppliers GSM’S Investment Director Hersi Said plus other two officials emerged.

Here, the saying that anything under the sun is possible was really proved and it was a big deal for Yanga, who are facing myriads of problems in their administrative department unlike Simba, who are somewhat floating in success.

Now, the big question is, is the coming of Senzo a solution at Yanga to reform and bring back the lost glories which they enjoyed in the past three seasons? Again, is the departure of Senzo at Simba the end of their success stories they have been posting in the past three years which saw them doing wonders in both domestic and international competitions?

This is now the opportunity for Simba to show how big they are by bringing in terms of the management a competitive CEO, who can match or surpass the departed one. It is as well to see him or her guide well the team in both the league and the CAF Champions League (CL) games next season.

As expected, after his resignation, many Simba fans including some officials were consoling each other by saying the club is bigger than him (Mazingisa) such that his move would not have any negative impact to them.

In reality, they were right that the club is bigger than anybody else but in modern football, people with football brain like Mazingisa are highly needed such that, even though their works are not vividly seen like the way players do on the pitch, they play a commendable role behind the scenes and it was a big blow to them.

To be honest, the administration of Simba transformed a lot upon the arrival of Mazingisa in comparison with the period before him whereby anybody at the club had a licence to talk hence there was no information control.

For Simba, at this juncture, they just need to take their time and amicably solve this whole thing as fast as possible in order to avoid further breakup within the club.

Also, another hot topic which will be remembered during this period’s transfer window is the issue of Bernard Morrison, who kept the nation at standstill as the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) Legal, Ethics and Players’ Status Committee took almost three days to solve his controversial contract deal.

The committee finally declared on Wednesday that Morrison was free to join any club after detecting some shortfalls on the contract Yanga claimed to have signed with the player.

Addressing members of the media after three days of hearing the case, the Committee’s Chairman Elias Mwanjala said they thoroughly looked into details provided by both parties (Yanga and Morrison) and found that the club’s documents had some shortfalls.

However, leaving aside the issue of the contract whereby he was accused of signing at Simba while he already had another contract at Yanga, the player has to improve on his discipline. Despite him (Morrison) winning the case, he will be summoned to the federation’s other Disciplinary Committee section to answer charges on why he agreed to sign a new contract while his case was not yet over.

And his behaviours have always been leaving fans with questions to ask. In a nutshell, the scramble for Morrison showed how weak is the scouting teams of these two teams to the extent that they are not ready to go outside the box and search for hidden talents.

Just imagine, Morrison is not even included in the Ghana national football team where he comes from but here, he has muscles to grab attention of millions of football fans across the country. When will this stop?

THOUGH only eighteen Premier League games have been ...


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