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BMH medical services at Nanenane delight public

SCORES of Central Zone regions’ residents have expressed their delight over medical services offered by the Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (BMH) in the just ended agriculture exhibition at Nanenane grounds.

Visiting their pavilion, they told the ‘Daily News’ that the institution should consider incorporating orthopaedic services in the next Nanenane exhibition, adding that many people long for such service.

“The medical services offered by BMH are good….but they should also consider adding orthopaedic services,” said Mr Keneth Ndama of Ipagala in Dodoma City, who visited the BMH pavilion at Nzuguni area.

Ms Chausiku Mohamed also another Ipagala resident said doctors at the BMH pavilion were well informed, adding that the orthopaedic services should be one of the products incorporated in the next year exhibition to provide people with service they need.

“The medical practitioners received the people well and their services are superb.  I suggest that the hospital add more medical services in the next Nanenane exhibition,”   she said.

Ms Pulkaria Duma, a resident of Kondoa District, noted that after receiving wonderful medical treatment services at BMH pavilion, she called her sick young sister from Morogoro Region to also come for the same benefit.

The hospital used the weeklong exhibition to bring the medical services closer to the wananchi.

According to the statement released by BMH Communication and Public Relations Unit, the hospital provided the services free of charge.

The statement said the hospital, which took part in the exhibition for the first time, conducted eye tests for people with vision impairment, and those who were found with vision impairment problems were provided with eye glass  at 10,000/-.

With the theme “For Agriculture Development, Livestock and Fishery, Vote for Ideal Leaders in the General Election 2020,” the exhibition brought together farmers and agricultural companies to showcase their products.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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