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Police searching for suspected wife killer


A RESIDENT of Mafulala Ward in Sumbawanga municipality in  Rukwa Region, Joseph Kalolo (35), alias Mwamba, is alleged to have recently brutally murdered his wife Maria Kaozya (30), by using an axe.

Initial reports indicated that the gruesome incident stemmed from a marital conflict.

Neighbours who spoke to the ‘Daily News’ on condition of anonymity  claimed that the conflict arose from  the decision by the deceased  to abort her baby, in protest over being abandoned by the husband for three months without any financial assistance.

"For three months that Kalolo had been away from home, he neither communicated nor sent any money to his pregnant wife. The woman became stressed and was driven to abortion, fearing that both mother and child would  face difficulties, a resident told the ‘Daily News’, adding:

“A few days later, the husband returned home and was surprised to note that his wife was no longer pregnant, and upon querying her what had happened, she explained that she made the move because she wouldn’t be able to take care of the child alone."

The neighbour who preferred anonymity added that the husband was enraged, and in the ensuing confrontation, the husband killed her.

Thereafter, Kalolo took their last born child to his mother-in-law, who wasn’t aware that he had murdered her daughter.

Rukwa Regional Police Commander  Justine Masejo confirmed the incident, adding that  a marital conflict was behind the tragedy. However, he declines to give details.

According to the regional police boss, the terrible incident occurred on August 8.

The RPC  said  the suspect, who  fled from the scene  shortly after the incident, was still at large.

“On Monday this week (August 10, 2020) one of the neighbours went to Kalolo’s house for the purpose of greeting the couple, only  to be awe-struck after seeing Ms Kaozya’s body lying in a pool of blood with her body separated at the waist,” the RPC said, adding that the neighbour immediately reported the matter to relevant authorities.

Mr Masejo added that law enforcers have mounted manhunt against the fugitive.


"I promise the citizens that no stone will be left unturned until the suspect is apprehended and arraigned," stressed the RPC.

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Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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