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JPM to launch Dar-Arusha passenger train services

PRESIDENT John Magufuli is expected to launch the Dar es Salaam-Moshi-Arusha passengers’ railway services run by the Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC).

Following the resumption of the Dar-Moshi-Arusha railway services, recently the Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner (RC), Ms Anna Mghwira said here that the resumption of this service was among the huge achievements of the fifth phase government.

The RC made the remarks when opening a workshop meant to educate Ward Executive Officers (WEOs) and other officials, on the importance of the railway infrastructures and how to protect them from vandalism in their respective areas.

“It is the President, who initiated the resumption of this important service. May I take this opportunity to inform you that it is him (President) who is coming to officiate the launching of the passenger train services, which is one of the great achievements of the fifth phase government,” she noted.

Ms Mghwira hailed the TRC for introducing the workshop, which she said was important in protecting the railways infrastructures.

“I urge all participants to use the knowledge you will gain here, to go and educate residents in your respective areas on the importance of protecting the infrastructure,” she said.

The RC added that the government has invested a lot of money in these infrastructures, adding, the regional administration will work closely with the TRC in making sure the railway lines are well protected.

The TRC representative, Ms Catherine Mrosso said the training was meant to educate people residing along the Moshi-Arusha railway services corridor so as to ensure people's safety and that of the railway infrastructures.

“TRC has decided to provide this awareness training, considering the fact that rail services had been suspended in these areas for more than 30 years now, where some people had turned the areas along the railway line into residences as well as business areas,” she noted.

The educational training would be extended in other areas including schools, due to the fact that even students and including their teachers (in other areas) had turned areas along the railway lines into schools' playing grounds.

“We request for full cooperation from leaders and people in general, which will ensure that the railway services remain intact,” she said.

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Author: HECTON CHUWA in Hai

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