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Noose hangs on corruptors

THE Ruling CCM Party has vowed zero-tolerance to corrupt aspirants in the ongoing parliamentary and councillorship primaries.

Vice-President, Samia Suluhu Hassan, who is also CCM’s Central Committee member, reiterated her party’s resolve to sustain its anti-corruption revolution.

She insisted only clean aspirants will be approved by the Central Committee (CC) to contest in the upcoming General Election on CCM tickets.

Ms Samia made the remarks during the congress for CCM women’s wing, UWT, held in Dodoma, telling the party cadres that corrupt and dishonest members will not be tolerated.

She reminded CCM members that luring enough votes in the ongoing internal elections may not be enough for one to be endorsed by the party, instead integrity would be highly considered.

“For those who engaged in bribing members, they will not be approved to contest in the forthcoming general elections no matter how many votes they collected during the primaries, this is in accordance with the party’s rules and regulations,” Ms Samia said.

Her statement was in line with what was said recently by the CCM’s Secretary for Ideology and Publicity, Mr Humphrey Polepole noted aspirants, who observed party procedures during primaries should relax and have inner peace ahead of the final screening.

Mr Polepole told the media last week that the party has collected all necessary information on various conducts during primaries countrywide, including its members, who violated the party’s principles governing the primaries.

“CCM members, who contested for leadership posts and followed the right procedures as stipulated in our party’s constitution, should have inner peace. The national chairman and his subordinates recognise your humbleness and discipline,” said Mr Polepole.

The party has launched a special centre where members could provide information on aspirants, who seemed to violate party’s procedures, rules and guidelines during the process.

In another development, the Vice-President, Mama Samia called for UWT members to dedicate all their efforts to the party ahead of the October polls.

She noted that the strength of CCM rests on women, and that they have the responsibility to steer the party to a landslide win in the coming election.

Ms Samia reiterated the government’s commitment in acknowledging the crucial role of women in the development of the country in all aspects.

“Women have continued to enjoy privilege in various leadership posts, and President John Magufuli who is the CCM national chairman has promised to continue working with us,” stated the Vice-President, who is also CCM’s presidential running mate in the 2020 General Election.

Earlier, the UWT rewarded the Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Ms Ummy Mwalimu for her dedicated work during the peak of Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

The award, according to the UWT national Chairperson Gaudencia Kabaka, is part of recognising the contribution and the role played by Ms Mwalimu in ensuring the country remains safe from the deadly pandemic.

“She was among the front liners who played a great role that has paid off, we are very proud of her and above all we appreciate her for proving that women can do greater things,” said Ms Kabaka.

Speaking on the award, the VP commended Ms Mwalimu for all her efforts, which enabled the country to overcome the threat of coronavirus amid great fear among Tanzanians.

“As a female leader, she did an outstanding job that, among other things, demonstrated the strength of women in leadership,” she noted, asking her to continue with the same working spirit.


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