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Dar-Moro SGR project speed delights premier

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa on Friday expressed his satisfaction with the construction pace of the Dar es Salaam – Morogoro Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project, whose implementation has reached 87 per cent.

He said the government was devoted to strengthening railway, air, water and road transport infrastructures to provide diversity options to its citizens to choose the type of transport they preferred.

He said that, ultimately, the project would improve trade between the country and neighbouring ones.

The premier began his inspection tour at the construction site in Dar es Salaam where he visited the main station built in the format of a Tanzanite gemstone, expressing his satisfaction with the stage that had been reached.

He urged the contractor to complete the project timely as the Tanzanians are eagerly waiting for its completion.

“This is the third time I am inspecting the construction of this project and I have always been satisfied with its progress. The construction funds are sourced from within the country and 90 per cent of the workers taking part in implementing this project are Tanzanians,” Prime Minister Majaliwa said.

The premier called upon Tanzanians to continue trusting their government as it is committed to implementing various projects for their own development and the nation as a whole.

At the Ruvu station in Coast Region, the premier heard complaints from farmers over being harassed by pastoralists who graze their livestock in their fields, consequently creating food insecurity.

Citizens whose land was confiscated to create room for the SGR project, were relocated to areas that don’t have water supply infrastructure.

In the wake of the complaints, the premier instructed the Coast Regional Commissioner Engineer Evarist Ndikilo, to visit the area accompanied by experts to listen to their concerns and find solutions.

The Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Engineer Atashasta Nditiye, stressed that success of the project was the result of the great work done by the Fifth Phase Government under President John Magufuli’s stewardship.

Eng Nditiye added that the contractors, Yapi Merkezi, had begun trial runs of trains along the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro stretch of the railway.

Eng Nditiye explained that apart from the construction of the SGR project, they were also implementing the improvement of the central railway from Dar es Salaam to Isaka.

Improvements have so far reached 93 per cent from Dar es Salaam to Tabora and project is scheduled for completion in February 2021.

Initially, the Chief Executive officer of Tanzania Railways Corporation, Mr Masanja Kadogosa, said the construction of the Dar es Salaam- Morogoro stretch was progressing well and had reached 87 per cent.

He said the section includes the construction of a large 2.56 kilometer bridge, Dar es Salaam station buildings (85 per cent), Pugu (99 per cent), Soga (100per cent), Ruvu (95per cent), Ngerengere (93 per cent), Morogoro (93per cent), garage and freight area at Kwala (73 per cent) and construction of 30 bridges which has been reached 96 per cent.

Meanwhile, residents of Coast Region have continued to benefit from the ongoing construction of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project whereby so far, the project has provided 300 direct jobs to the residents.

Regional Commissioner Eng Ndikilo made the remarks when Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa conducted an inspection tour at the project site at Ruvu Station in Kibaha District on Friday.

He explained that the project had been playing a very important part in improving people’s lives in the region in various ways through working in the project or by selling different items.

“Big companies in this region have also benefitted by selling iron bars, gravite and food . This project has become a good point of marketing of various items in our area and it contributes a lot to our economy,” he said.

In addition, the RC explained that the government, through the SGR project, built a centre for preserving vegetables at Ruvu Station (Freight Station).

He explained that having the centre would motivate the residents living within the River Ruvu valley to increase vegetable production and be able to earn more money.

Eng Ndikilo explained that the process of compensating institutions and residents whose areas had been taken to pave way for the SGR project had been completed and that all eligible persons would be paid soon.

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