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CCM guarantees well-behaved aspirants

THE ruling party CCM has allayed worries among its aspirants, who observed party procedures during primaries, saying they should relax and have inner peace.

But, for those who engaged in malpractices, they should brace themselves for stern penalties as the party reiterated on Wednesday that it will have no mercy on the culprits.

CCM's Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Mr Humphrey Polepole told the media in Dar es Salaam that the party has collected all necessary information on various conducts during primaries countrywide, including its members, who violated the party's principles governing the primaries.

The party has completed primaries for parliamentary and councillorship seats ahead of the General Election slated for October 28, this year.

“CCM members, who contested for leadership posts and followed right procedures as stipulated in our party’s constitution, should have inner peace.

The national chairman and his subordinates recognise your humbleness and discipline. The party will not let you down,” he assured.

Mr Polepole, however, vowed that CCM would take disciplinary measures against party members, who engaged in misconduct.

Previously, the party had launched a special centre which members could provide information about aspirants, who seemed to violate party’s procedures, and Mr Polepole on Wednesday said through the centre, they managed to collect information.

He, however, quickly said the party elections were governed by procedures and its constitution, and was generally conducted openly, transparently and properly due to reforms made since 2016.

Among other things, he said, the party had completed holding primaries at all constituencies.

It would thereafter be followed by the party's political committees in particular constituencies to discuss the aspirants and provide recommendations to political committees at district level, which they would discuss and give their proposals to the political committees at regional level.

On the other hand, the party said during this year’s General Election, it would conduct the best campaigns ever experienced in the country.

According to Mr Polepole, the new mode of campaigning, coupled with envisaged adoption of digital technology in registering new members, is expected to increase the number of members.

He pointed out that the adoption of digital technology would enable new members to fill registration forms through their mobile phones, instead of using papers.

Mr Polepole said so far, the party has a total of 16,800,000 members countrywide as of last June.

Meanwhile, the ruling party condemned the main opposition Chadema for tampering with the national anthem.

The opposition party distorted the national anthem, by substituting the word-concept Tanzania with Chadema.

The doctored song was enthusiastically sung by members, who included top leaders, as the opener of a recent major political event in Dar es Salaam.

The Registrar of political parties, Judge Francis Mutungi termed that move as 'defiling' the national anthem.

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