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Local firm partner with donor fund to sharpen university students

A HOMEGROWN company, Smart Codes, through its Smart Lab, has partnered with the Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) to help higher learning institutions produce high-quality graduates through IT and entrepreneurship training.

The CEO and founder of Smart Codes Edwin Bruno said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that the the main objective of the partnership was to enable university graduates have the necessary employability skills that will help them compete in the job market.

“Given the opportunity in technology, we believe that there is a great opportunity in cultivating good tech talent and young entrepreneurs with a powerful innovative mindset from universities for future great tech-based companies. Smart Lab aims at ensuring that this programme is effective and has measurable and tangible results by the time it ends," he said.

The programme is designed to accommodate over 400 students in a couple of universities in Tanzania including the University of Dar es Salaam, St Joseph University, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology and Institute of Finance and Management, he said.

The Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) under the University Outreach programme will be conducting online training to university students in Tanzania as a capacity building programme in the areas most critical to employment and also getting them to understand the innovation practices in relation to problem-solving and coming up with groundbreaking solutions.

The programme has various activities including soft skills training, human-centered design thinking workshops, corporate hackathons that involve partnering with various organizations and companies in the corporate world.

All these activities would end with a career fair mainly in the tech & engineering industry, he said.

Smart Lab has also partnered with a number of companies and was looking forward to partnering with more to bring in the room for corporates to connect with young talents and share their challenges with young innovative minds, he said.

The aim would be to look for solutions that would bring a new perspective in their companies and businesses in general.

“As the programme begins, Smart Lab welcomes all young people open to learning and challenging themselves to grow, register, and join the programme.

This will be a great opportunity and space for them to learn and realize their potential as young people; and also a new beginning for them to understand their careers and choose the right path for their growth in their careers.

We are looking forward to keeping empowering young people and connecting them with corporates to enable the birth of groundbreaking solutions that will impact communities, powerful tech teams and most importantly young people with the highest self-awareness skills that will transform the corporate world and the innovation ecosystem of Tanzania to boost the economy of Tanzania and Africa in general,” Bruno said.

Smart Lab is an innovation platform that links learning institutions with corporate partners to empower groundbreaking solutions that will have an impact in communities.


Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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