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Camp benefits for youth emphasized

THE youth have been advised to attend different camps, in order to get exposure for improving their talents, thereby converting them into more resourceful innovators and national development agents.

The advice was given here on Monday by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Mr John Jingu.

He was opening the third Pan African Youth Camp organised by the Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC).

In a speech read on his behalf by Vickness Mayao, Mr Jingu said the camps were very important for the youth because they would enable them identify investment opportunities as far as the economic situation of the country was concerned.

“Most of the youth have been innovative a move which makes them self-employed and creators of new job opportunities for others; these achievements could be enhanced by getting wide exposures by attending youth camps,” he said.

Mr Jingu said that on its part, the government had been joining forces with different development stakeholders in creating conducive environments which would help the youth achieve their desired goals.

“Among the moves by the government was the programme which gives loans to youth who are interested in agricultural activities in general. “Besides empowering the youth, the programme has also played a big role in curbing youth unemployment in the country,” he said.

Speaking at the event, the TYC Director Mr Lenin Kazoba, said the annual camps are aimed at bringing together the youth who play a big role in community development processes through creative projects.

“The camps also offer great opportunities for the youth to showcase their innovations and this will remind different development stakeholders in the country the importance of the youth in the ongoing development processes of the country”, he said.

He furthermore pointed out that the camps which started in 2018, had been highly beneficial to the participants, a fact that can be proved by the number of participants which rises every year.

Mr Kazoba further said that apart from the achievements, the youth also faced some challenges which he said included the lack of solid cooperation from the private sector.

This, he said, was particularly manifest in empowerment and creation of conducive investment environments for the youth to promote their ideas and creative works.

“Another challenge is the lack of more platforms which would bring the youth together regularly so that they could share experiences and learn more, as well as meeting with government officials and members of the private sector so that they could explain what they could do for the development of the nation”, he said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter, Hai

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