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Arusha now turns home to Reggae Night festival

REMEMBER Reggae? The Jamaica rooted type of music which used to drive students crazy during high school days? Well, Arusha will be enjoying weekly Reggae nights from now onwards.

The Warriors from the East, an Arusha-based, Reggae troupe, is launching the weekly festivals featuring mostly Reggae beats, events that will be staged in different parts of the city every Fridays and Saturdays.

Jamaican Reggae artist from Kingston Town, Pampi Judah also made a scene during the Arusha festival, over the weekend.

The band is an acoustic reggae and Afro fusion group from and based in Arusha, whose members have decided to revive this type of music in the northern parts of Tanzania starting the mission with maiden festival held at Vijiji Centre in Tengeru section of Meru District, last weekend.

Ras Lwanda Magere, is the ‘Captain’ behind the orchestra. Speaking during the inaugural Reggae Night in Tengeru, the band leader said after successfully remaining in the music business for nearly 20 years as a group, they have decided to hatch weekly festivals involving reggae and Dance acts in Tanzania.

“These are sustainable events, to be held every week rotating from one venue to another, covering all parts of Arusha City and beyond, targeting to revive the Reggae Music appeal and band’s fan base around Northern Tanzania,” said Magere.

“Unlike other types of music, Reggae usually features educational lyrics in addition to entertaining, this is the form of music that infuses peace and unity among listeners,” Magere maintained.

The ‘Warriors from the East,’ is the band which has some musical accolades in their studio shelves, having been awarded twice for the best song of the year in 2012 and 2013 at the Kilimanjaro music awards.

Another local artist who participated in the maiden festival, is ‘Steve RNB’. He is a Bongo Flava ‘R N’B” artiste known for his ‘Jambo Jambo’ hit and who recently also collaborated with the Warriors to produce a couple of songs, six to be precise, intending to release an album with Reggae flavor.

The ‘Reggae Night’ was also illuminated by a number of small reggae groups such Ras Squads, Akilimali and others, they intend to launch a special ‘Nane-Nane Festival’ in the Njiro area of Themi next weekend.

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Author: YASINTA AMOS in Arusha

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