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Jafo issues 45-day deadline for health centre completion

MINISTER of State, President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government) Seleman Jafo, has issued a 45-day ultimatum to Coast Region’s authorities to complete the construction of the health centre at Vikindu area in Mkuranga District.

Minister Jafo gave the ultimatum over the weekend when he made a tour of the district to inspect the construction of a health centre at Vikindu area which is expected to cost 400m/-.

Mr Jafo’s decision to tour the area was in compliance with directives issued by President Magufuli on Thursday when he spoke to Vikindu residents “President Magufuli wants every citizen to access health services; that’s why he directed me to come here to make a closer follow-up on the development of this project. We want this hospital to be well developed,” he said, adding: “But my directives to the District Executive Director (DED) of Mkuranga are that the construction should proceed even though my inspection team will come to assess this project, regarding the cost involved, so that by September 15, this year, the building is completed and starts offering services.”

After issuing his order, Mr Jafo explained that he would send his team of experts to conduct an investigation and instructed the ministry’s permanent secretary, Eng Joseph Nyamhanga, to investigate the project.

“I have instructed my permanent secretary, Eng Joseph Nyamhanga, to conduct an investigation and if our team will discover that there is a group of thieves, they will be dealt with accordingly.”

In his inspection, Mr Jafo toured Mkamba and Kisiju health centres, each of which cost 400m/-, and found that both had been completed and were providing services.

According to Minister Jafo, the government provided 200m/- to the district, which made a 100m/- top up, making a total of 400m/-. They have sought an additional 108m/-.

According to Deputy Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Mr Abdallah Ulega, the cost of construction had risen after elevating the dispensary to district hospital level.

When the minister sought the opinions of the DED and committee members, they unanimously said they were satisfied with the project’s pace.

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