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Shibuda showers praise on Mkapa

THE Tanzania Political Parties' Council has sent its deepest condolences to President John Magufuli, Mama Anna Mkapa, family members and Tanzanians at large, over the death of Third Phase President Benjamin Mkapa.

The council’s chairman, Mr John Shibuda, remarked: “The Council of Political Parties, and on behalf of the African Democratic Alliance Party-Tanzania Democratic Alliance (ADA-TADEA), has received with great sadness the news of the passing of the former retired president.

We extend our condolences to the family of Mzee Mkapa and to our president,” adding: “Mzee Mkapa had the reputation of being a mediator in that he had the reputation of an honest person, and with that he will be remembered by the generations to come as a man of his word, and deeds of the qualities of a man of truth and transparency in upholding justice and equality.”

He further explained that Mzee Mkapa was the founder of the Political Parties' Council and believed in the power of negotiation to breed love where there is hatred.

“The council is deeply saddened by the passing of the one who created the bond between politicians and other authorities,” the statement further pointed out.

Mr Shibuda also offered his condolences to the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) for losing a member with the moral credentials of the party, stating that a member of the party is obliged to be faithful; and Mzee Mkapa was a leader of such calibre, winning the hearts of people outside the country’s borders and becoming an international mediator.

The late president did not like to be exalted, and that was why he did not want his face to appear on Tanzania’s currency, remarked Mr Shibuda.

“He has left us his legacy in his book ‘My life, my purpose’, in which he urged politicians to apply constructive criticism while using proper language that will strengthen us,” he noted, adding: “…This should be like a wakeup call to the rest of us, in this world, a human being is a flourishing flower that will one day wither. So let us live in humility with attributes that please God.”

He further pointed out that Mama Anna Mkapa should not despair as Tanzanians and people across the nations love her, proof of which lies in the warm condolences she has and is continuing to receive.

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