Director pushes for new banknotes bearing JPM’s portrait

Director pushes for new banknotes bearing JPM’s portrait

THE government has been urged to introduce new banknotes bearing the portrait of President John Magufuli that will signify Tanzania’s great economic achievements, following the great strides that have been made, including becoming a lower middle-income economy.

Speaking of the government’s economic achievements announced by the World Bank (WB) recently, Director of Kilimanjaro Cultural Heritage Centre Chief Athuman Mwariko said “It is high time we recognised President Magufuli’s contribution to the country’s economic growth.”

“Following great economic achievements, I advise the government through its Ministry of Finance and Planning to introduce new banknotes which will be a national identity of the achievements for future generations to remember because they will be in circulation,” he said, adding that the banknotes should also have a special message on the achievements.

According to him, the idea of having the banknotes bearing the portrait of the President will be to make members of the public remember the President’s great achievements, five years ahead of Tanzania’s Development Vision, 2025.

“This will be a great honour to our President who has worked very hard in collaboration with his subordinates to achieve the great economic achievements five years before the 2025 target,” he said.

"I urge the government through the Ministry of Finance and Planning to introduce the new banknotes of any denomination it finds fit, which will be used by all people in the country.

This will be a good sign of respect to the country and to President Magufuli for economic achievements,” he added.

Recently, the WB classified Tanzania as a lower middle-income economy, following the country’s economic reforms, which according to WB officials, included making consistent  plans and taking appropriate decisions aimed at improving the country’s economic development.

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Author: HECKTON CHUWA in Moshi

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