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Being wealthier and happy - no direct relationship

OFTEN there is a belief that people who are rich are the happier lot. That being so, is there a direct relationship between the amount of money one possess and the level of his/her happiness or contentment.

Is money the only barometer to check somebody’s level of happiness? Majority thinks so, but that may be true in reality and hence let us explore the truth.

In our day-to-day life you will encounter people who always complain about lack of money irrespective of their bank balance, which may be running even into billions. At the same time there are other categories of people who may not be filthy rich but still feel contended with whatever they have. In real sense the 2nd category of people are wealthier than the 1st category due to their respective level of contentment about money.

From our daily experience it is easier to observe human behaviour in order to determine who feels to be a wealthy person and who does not.

This is very simple and can be easily observed from our daily routine. Nowadays, it is a common sight in many parts of the world wherein you encounter beggars standing at a traffic junction. Wherever the traffic light turns red, the beggars would come into action by approaching various vehicles that have stopped for a while.

Do these beggars have some standard pattern of approaching the stationary vehicles standing at the traffic light or do they just approach them randomly?

On close review, you would observe that they certainly have a pattern to follow, as they tend to first approach those vehicles which are luxurious like Mercedes, BMW, Land Cruiser etc.

This is simple to understand, because a beggar feels that those driving luxury cars are the ones who are wealthy and thus there is a good likelihood of getting some money.

However, often you will observe that the real giver to a beggar may not  be those who are driving luxury cars but an ordinary person who has stopped at the traffic light with his saloon car or may be on a motor bike.

In this case the beggar at first might not have even approached this person thinking that since he is not appearing to be wealthy, there is a less possibility of getting any palm from him.

But this simple person [with saloon car] has acted quite differently than what the beggar envisaged. Do you know why it has happened that way?

Because this person is feeling wealthy irrespective of the fact as to how much money he has accumulated. The human behaviour in such situations could be very erratic.

A person, whose bank balance runs into millions of dollars, may still feel less wealthy when compared to another person who may be possessing less than hundred thousand dollars.

The basic difference between these two categories of people is not the money they respectively possess, but the mindset?

The so called millionaire still craves to get more and thus not feeling wealthy, while the 2nd person definitely feels comparatively wealthier and thus believes in sharing part of his wealth with the needy ones.

Therefore, in order to feel wealthy and contended, you must know that you always have enough money to meet your needs.

And if your needs are limited then for sure you also need a limited amount of money and not billions of dollars.

By sharing your money, you show your faith in the truth that you are always taken care of financially.

You have probably heard or read many  times that it is important to give away a small portion of the income you generate.

Guess what?I would like to give you exactly the same advice. But I want you to understand the reasons behind sharing of your wealth, rather than simply feeling like you ought to do it. I want you to learn to share your wealth, and truly enjoy it!

I would like you to look forward to contributing to others, and to feel wealthier because you can give away money happily.

Money is a physical symbol of your creative energy. By holding on to it, you tell your mind that you are afraid of running out, and this blocks the flow of your energy.

By sharing your money, you tell your mind that your creativity is boundless, and that you will always have enough money. 

Many people believe that money is evil, or at least, not inherently good. But money is neither good nor evil. Money is simply a tool to be used in physical reality.

Although money can be used for evil purposes, it obviously can also be used for good. Money itself is neutral. You have the power to choose to use money in good ways.

By sharing your wealth, by contributing to causes in which you believe, you are acknowledging the power of money to promote positive change on our planet.

Thus, now is the time to “TAKE ACTION”. Find some way in which you can share the wealth you already have.

Decide to give away a small percentage of the income you generate. It does not matter how you share your wealth, but it matters enormously that you enjoy the fact that you have money to share.

And this will be the real sign of one’s wealthiness because, in order to be wealthy – you must feel wealthy. How is your feelings - wealthy and contended or otherwise – time to introspect?

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Author: Jagjit Sing

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