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Why Magufuli, Samia again

MEMBERS of the ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) yesterday unanimously endorsed their national chairman Dr John Magufuli and Samia Suluhu Hassan to run for a second term in office.

In a full-gathering of the country's oldest party members of the CCM National Congress solidly approved Dr Magufuli's presidential bid with a total of 1,822, which represented 100 percent of all valid votes.

Key to the Congress’ unanimous decision is the two leaders’ undisputable leadership, patriotism and remarkable services to the country during their first term.

National Assembly Speaker and election returning officer, Job Ndugai announced that all present 1,822 general assembly members had voted in which none of the delegates voted against or lost a vote.

CCM Secretary-General Dr Bashiru Ally told the gathering that the ruling party's National Executive Committee (NEC) had recommended Dr Magufuli for re-election on merits of his hard work and well demonstrated commitment to spearhead the country's social and economic development.

Tanzania has just recently advanced into the list of lower-middle-income countries, five-years prior to its 2025 development target, according to World Bank reports.

Dr Ally informed the general congress that President Magufuli was the sole candidate who had collected and returned presidential nomination documents as per the party’s rules and procedures.

"This means that all members rallied in support of Magufuli running for re-election as the fifth-phase president," said, Dr Ally.

CCM constitution of 1977 set out 12 principal conditions for its cadre to run for the union presidency. 

The secretary-general said President Magufuli has met all the requirements for both the party and the country's constitution and therefore deserved the endorsement from the highest decision-making organ of CCM.

"He has exhibited a high level of service to the people, the nation and the world. He is a patriotic and role model and undoubted by anyone," added Dr Ally. 

President Magufuli was described as a hard worker, devoted patriot, loyal and protector of the national resources.

He has led the fight against corruption, negligence, laziness and embezzlement of public properties, further winning admiration of both none and CCM stalwarts. "He is the best leader," Dr Ali added.

President Magufuli, speaking shortly after being endorsed, announced to pick Vice- President Samia Suluhu Hassan as his running mate.

The Union presidential candidate explained that he was picking Ms Hassan for she has undoubted loyalty and hard-work to the country. 

"She is a strong woman, brave and hardworking," he narrated.

President Magufuli broke the news to congress members yesterday that he had initially picked her and Dr Hussein Mwinyi as his only option during 2015-2020 presidential primaries but later was convinced "Ms Suluhu is sufficient for the post."

“She's a clean woman, very clean leader and I suggest that I pick her in my final second-term,” Magufuli told the full gathering of the general congress amid cheers.

This year's CCM general congress was witnessed by at least 18 leaders from various opposition parties in the country and several other representatives of friendly parties outside Tanzania. It included Burundi, China, Vietnam, Dr Congo, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Sudan, Mozambique and Cuba.

THE ruling party, CCM, has promised to open ...


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