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Airline’s safety measures include ‘boring’ the aircraft from the back to front!

THESE are indeed difficult times, what with corona rearing its ugly head everywhere. However, life is coming back to normal, slowly.

For example, some airlines are resuming passenger transport services, suspended several months ago. One such airline featured in a supplement in the Good Citizen of June 26 (p. 5), in which it outlines safety and sanitary measures to be taken to ensure safety for both passengers and crew.

One measure however, made interesting reading: “We have reorganised our procedures to create distance and avoid queuing where possible for example, ‘boring’ the aircraft from the back to front.” Now, in all honesty, could “boring” an aircraft be considered to be a safety measure?

For, the verb “to bore” means: “to make a deep hole with a tool such as a drill, or by digging”. So, you walk to this huge aircraft, drill in hand, and start boring it from the back to front? Who will let you do that, since that is an action that will damage the aircraft and affect its airworthiness.

Since the whole of the supplement is about safety, the writer did not have “boring” in mind. We think a few letters are missing from this word. He meant “boarding” the aircraft from the back to the front. This, it is reasoned, reduces somewhat, the chances of getting corona.

It is my hope that this airline, which promised resuming flights to and from Dar es Salaam from 30th June 2020, has already done so. ********** One cardinal rule for writers is to ensure that the reader gets the intended meaning, with as little hassle as possible.

So, when this sports reporter for the Good Citizen (26 June, back page) titled his piece: “Four Teams axed from national netball club championship”, the reader wanted to know, as soon as possible, what these teams are. But what does one find in the piece’s opening paragraph?

“Four teams have so far confirmed participation in the First Division club championship scheduled to take place in Tanga in July. The teams are JKT Makutopora, Zimamoto, Reli Morogoro and JKT Mgulani”. There is nothing in this paragraph that points to teams being axed.

In para 2 the reporter is still unclear about teams being axed: “The teams had failed to compete in the championships due to various reasons, according to the Tanzania Amateur Netball Association (Chaneta) secretary general”.

The latter is further reported (para 3) to have said: “JKT Makutopora’s players are expected to attend a special ‘training course in due course of time and events’”. Again, no axing. May be we can find something in para 4: “She said Reli Morogoro have failed to compete in the event because they have new management that needs to settle various issues in their organisation”.

There is no mention of teams being axed, throughout the article. What comes out, however, is that the four teams were expected to participate in the Championship, but they could not do so for one reason or another, like attending special “training course in due course of time and events”, whatever that means.

It looks like the four teams never confirmed attending the championship, nor were they axed. The writer presented a misleading picture of what actually happened.


Finally, titbits from Face book pages: On getting a new baby, the young dad wrote: “You are ‘wormly’ welcome baby IBI”! Hopefully, the parents are aware that babies need to be kept warm, and may suffer from endogastric worms.

On seeing that there are street traders in every corner of the City, a driver wrote, referring to a picture he took and posted: “there are people selling viazi near the traffic ‘right’! Ah, the usual; mix up between “r” and “l”.

Commenting on this photograph showing people mining sand on a river bed, one unhappy observer exclaimed: “Mining activities in town. They ‘violent’ Environmental law”. Yes, these informal miners can be violent if they catch you photographing them in action, since they are violating the law. Have a lovely weekend.


THE government has finally bowed into the pressure ...

Author: Lusuga Kironde

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