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Jubilation as Yanga open branch in Kagera region

IT was jubilation as hundreds of Yanga Sports Club fans led by the club’s Vice Chairman; Frederick Mwakalebela witnessed the opening of its first branch in Kagera region situated along Miembeni Street, in Bukoba Municipal Council.

Addressing the members, Mwakalebela described the event as a milestone in the 85 years of the club existence since it was founded in 1935 and also called for recruitment of more members to enable the club to be sustainable and economically viable.

“With around one million members in the country if each member contributes 1,000/- per month being membership fees we can easily collect about 1bn/-. This is quite possible,” he said amid applause.

Investment Manager under GSM Company, Harris Said, on the other hand, appealed for unity among Yanga members  noting that the club was under transformation process including club ownership and management structure.

He explained that there were three types of policy under review which include 100 per cent membership ownership, private ownership and  49 by 51 per cent ownership between the  members and investors.

“We are currently studying on the best policy to adopt. In the meantime, we appeal for commitment and support from the members to enable Yanga to become a strong institution,” he said.

He assured the members that bold steps were being taken to recruit potential players for next season that will see Yanga reclaiming the Premier League championship title from their adversaries Simba.

The event was also attended by a senior citizen, Joseph Kilyanga (84) who has been an ardent Yanga supporter since 1956.

AFTER a successful two-game away mission in the ...

Author: MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba

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