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Villagers get State 110m/-to construct X-ray building

THE fifth phase government under President John Magufuli has issued 110m/-towards the construction of an X-ray building and a laundry at Sirari health center in Tarime District.

The facility located a few metres outside the township, will serve more than 50,000 people, some from neighboring Kenya upon completion, and also accommodate maternity, out-patient (OPD) surgery and a modern mortuary room.

According to Sirari Ward Executive Officer (WEO), Waryoba Mirumbe, the government had provided 500/-to facilitate the construction in fulfillment of the government's goal that each ward in the country must have a Health Centre.

He said in recent days residents of the area had to cross the border and seek X-ray services in the neighboring country.

'' The money was deposited into the Buriba village government's account, where they were instructed to form  three committees for construction, procurement and reception in accordance with government procurement procedures to manage the construction and are already at the basic stage,"  said Mirumbe.

He said they were also directed to comply with local procurement regulations and to avoid any actions, which might result in allegations of misappropriation of public funds and complete the project on time.

In a related development, he revealed that government officials in five villages and 15 neighborhoods of Sirari Ward have been directed to encourage their residents to enroll for the State health insurance fund that would enable them have access to better health care.

'' We have directed all leaders in this ward to guide and mobilise the public, who often incur additional expensive to protect themselves by acquiring health insurance cards,” headed.

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