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WCF to pay compensation of over 8bn/- to injured employees

THE Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) is expecting to pay a whopping 8.6bn/-in compensation for claims lodged during this fiscal year that ended June 30th.

Speaking during an ongoing 44th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair, WCF Director-General, Masha Mshomba, said the government deserves praise for establishing the Fund as it has been a savior to workers, upon sustaining disability.

“The introduction of the Compensation Fund has been a savior, as an employee who gets disabilities at work and cannot go to work is no longer a burden to the family. The presence of the fund has brought a new chapter to employees who get disabilities at work, as well as to families who have lost their loved ones,” he said.

Mr Mshomba noted that the fund’s main role is to compensate an employee who suffered a disability or disease caused by work accidents, as per employment agreements.

Explaining that, in the payment of the compensations the fund has made significant strides since WCF started paying the first compensation in July 2016 of 1.5bn/-, this year the fund expects to pay 8.5bn/-.

He further stated that apart from paying compensation funds, WCF has also focused on creating awareness of the fund to its stakeholders including employers, employees and health care providers.

Employers and employees have been undergoing training in complying with workplace safety and health regulations to ultimately reduce occupational accidents and diseases, he expounded.

He pointed out that another important group in ensuring that the fund fulfills its responsibilities effectively and fairly is the doctors and health care providers.

“We have trained approximately 1,064 doctors and health care providers across the country on how to evaluate occupational disabilities and diseases so that the fund can give compensations fairly and on time.”

Moreover, Mr Mshomba congratulated President John Magufuli for fulfilling the nation’s vision of becoming a middle-income economy.

“You heard the president recently as he dissolved the parliament, saying that there is an increase of industries in the country; As the fund, we have the responsibility of protecting the workforce. This will facilitate in the smooth compensation process so that they return to work or join other entrepreneurial activities.”

Regarding the trade fair, Mr Mshomba said that it has provided the opportunity to continue creating awareness on compensation issues as it’s the place for the fund to meet important stakeholders.

“Sabasaba has been beneficial, as we have met plenty of visitors at our pavilion, being advantageous place to explain our contribution to the government,” he stated.

IN a rare government endorsement, ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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