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Everyone should learn to own community project

IT makes sense to praise the fifth phase government under President John Magufuli for the efforts he has made to see into it that Tanzanians address challenges they face in society.

With water projects in mind, since he ascended to power the government has injected over 3tri/- in several mega schemes to see into it that citizens, be they in villages or urban areas no longer face the precious liquid shortage.

For instance, a total of 850,179 connections to new customers were registered, with government annual earnings from the sector rising to 22bn/-.

To reinforce his commitment, President Magufuli while dissolving the 11th Parliament in the end of his first term in power said there was a total of 1,423 projects implemented, among them, 1,268 were in rural areas and the remaining 155 in urban places.

The list included the ones still under implementation as Lake Victoria project to tap water from the Lake to Nzega District, Tabora and Igunga, Arusha water project and a project to supply water to 28 cities implemented at a cost of 1.2tri/-.

In the 2015-2020 manifesto, the ruling CCM had pledged to continue with efforts to strengthen social services including water, which it argued that this area helps in reducing poverty and increasing employment.

Collectively with others the State has spent at least 3tri/- countrywide in the past five years, which every citizen should realise that all these are their own schemes and own.

Owning the projects in this case should mean everyone becoming a watchdog and report or arrest those who would vandalise them.

Those who sabotage them to secure pipes for sale as scrap metals and other businesses do not come from another planet, but are brothers and sisters living in the same village(s) with those who would miss water once such a reserve/tank is damaged.

As responsible citizens, any community project financed by the government (from taxpayers’ money) should be taken as part and parcel of the society, not a third party property/scheme.

We should stop seeing them as Dar es Salam Water and Sewerage Authority (Dawasa) or Ministry of Water schemes, but community (read you and I) projects, which are aimed at easing life in our midst.

As Tanzanians, we should aim high and encourage the government to soldier on addressing challenges, which make life unbearable in the community, because at the end of the day, the country is for all of us including the leaders we send to the National Assembly to speak on our behalf.

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