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JPM cautions political aspirants

PRESIDENT John Magufuli on Monday said the doors are open for his appointees who crave for a career in electoral politics.

The President revealed that he has been receiving requests from a number of public leaders, who want to quit their posts in pursuit of parliamentary seats ahead of the October Elections.

Dr Magufuli noted that he has been granting the wishes of those who flirt with but cautioned that they should not expect to be reappointed back into public offices if their political ambitions falter.

“For my appointees, of whom a few have been seeking my permission, I have swiftly given them the go-ahead. And whoever wants my permission, even today you can submit your request and I will give you the permission,” said President Magufuli during the swearing in of recently appointed public office bearers.

He revealed there were three more requests from District Administrative Secretaries (DASs) and promised to grant them permission soon after the swearing-in event, naming some as the DAS for Gairo, and Malinyi districts.

“The permission will be granted to whomever wants to be relieved,” insisted President Magufuli, noting all presidential appointees at Mvomero District had ditched the office in pursuit of political career.

“You can ask yourself that if you have appointed some individuals to go and solve challenges in a certain place, but they feel that solving problems in that particular area is not enough, they want to go and solve challenges somewhere else, if you deny them that opportunity you will be committing a terrible sin,” stated the Head of State.

Meanwhile, President Magufuli cited public service background, exemplary performance and resumes of several leaders he swore in at Chamwino State House here to build his argument as to why he appointed them.

In what confirmed that the Head of State ought to appoint leaders he knows for sure that they can perform in the course of discharging their duties, Dr Magufuli took time to elaborate what every appointee had prior to the new appointment.

For example, he said, he was impressed by the good job done by the newly appointed Tabora Regional Commissioner, Dr Philemon Sengati, when he sent him to Magu District to become the District Commissioner.

“I understand that before you were appointed, you were a lecturer at a university but you left the job only to honour the new appointment and I am glad that you did a good job, something that led to your promotion,’’ he said.

Last week, Dr Magufuli made several appointments including Dr Sengati and Kigoma RC, Thobias Andengenye. He also appointed District Commissioners and other leaders.

He further revealed that although they had all the qualities of good leadership, some of them got their posts after previous leaders requested permission from the Head of State to go and pursue other endeavours.

Even as Dr Magufuli did not reveal where they were going after requesting for permission, most likely, majority of them might be going to vie for various positions in the next General Election scheduled for October this year.

“This comes as an opportunity because if they did not ask for permission, may be you would have not been appointed, and I am ready to give a green light to whoever feels to request for permission and I believe that you will help this nation to move forward from wherever you will be working,’’ he said.

Dr Magufuli asked the newly sworn in appointees to report to their duty stations and discharge their duties efficiently and diligently.

He told the newly appointed Kigoma RC, to go and solve all the challenges facing the region.

 “We now have a project for the construction of 310 kilometres of Kigoma- Nyakanazi road, which also connects Katavi and Tabora Regions,’’ he told Mr Andengenye adding: “Go and supervise the project and visit several areas to look for solutions on problems bedeviling people within the region.’’

Dr Magufuli further directed the newly appointed Tabora RC to go and do the same in his new duty station, saying the region was crucial as it facilitated the attainment of the country’s independence.

President Magufuli’s views were in line with the message issued by the Coast Regional Commissioner Eng Evarist Ndikilo, who urged presidential appointees at District and Regional level to keep addressing challenges that people are facing instead of waiting for top government leaders.

Mr Ndikilo urged that DCs and RCs have an obligation of helping the president in their areas of jurisdiction on a daily basis.

“It has been observed that there are challenges that are to be solved by DCs or RCs but they are presented to the President especially when he is touring our regions. We need to be more responsible to our people by reducing the burden to the Head of State,” he said.

Present at the event, Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Prof Palamagamba Kabudi and the Minister of State, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government Selemani Jafo insisted the appointees to keep working diligently for the greater interest of the country.

Prof Kabudi, who made the statement on behalf of Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa, said teamwork and strong dedication of civil servants especially presidential appointees are the key tools for the government’s good performance.

“Let’s work hard by ensuring the President is well assisted in pushing forward the development agenda. Tanzanians have big expectations on us, we have no option but to do the needful,” he said.

For his part, Mr Jafo reminded the new appointees to work diligently by adhering to their oaths as well as solving challenges that people are facing in their areas of administration.

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Author: KATARE MBASHIRU in Dodoma

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