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Leaders must walk Mwalimu Nyerere line towards elections

AS the country prepares for yet another general and regional election slated for October, this year, it is important that all citizens maintain peace and tranquility which characterised the previous elections.

Indeed, the 2020 elections would go down as one of the most peaceful and incident-free elections in our post-colonial history, and speaks to the growing level of political maturity of the Tanzanians, if you and I recall that peace we enjoy today was as a result of the founding father of the nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and colleagues sacrificing their lives to achieve.

The only homage Tanzanians should pay him is to maintain and respect the peace and tranquility he left behind as the identity of the nation.

Mwalimu Nyerere never left behind a particular tribe, religion, you name it in the related paraphernalia as supreme to dominate and segregate Tanzanians along any line.

With this in mind in a governmental system, a party leader must act as the official representative of a political party that has interest of the citizens at heart. The party leader is typically responsible for managing the party's relationship with the general public.

Political leaders play an important role in facilitating peace and tranquility. Their vitality is appreciated due to the fact that they have followers-people who believe in what they say and act accordingly.

Hence, towing his line, a good political leader must be someone, who will be honest and responsible for his/her own actions and decisions, and should be willing to admit when commits a mistake.

Tanzanians want leaders, who will focus their energies and time on representing the people rather than spending all the time “covering their backs” and criticising others.

To walk the talk of Mwalimu Nyerere, a great leader poses a clear vision, be courageous and has integrity to help Tanzanians reach their goals (address poverty, fight ignorance and diseases) boldly.

Mwalimu longed for peacebuilding an enabler of development, security, social and economic justice, and reconciliation for every citizen to go about his/her business undisturbed.

If peace won’t be maintained, it will create a loophole for ugly scenes, which Mwalimu Nyerere abhorred to see his people experiencing.

At the heart of many violent conflicts lie issues of inequality, injustice and exclusion and conflicts shattering lives and stunting development, the country is not ready for that just because of elections.

Elections from independence in the country have been peaceful and Tanzania all along has been the fountain of peace in the Great Lakes region, this is something Mwalimu left behind and must be maintained.


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