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Filbert Bayi sparkle in athletics trials

ATHLETES from Filbert Bayi Schools dominated in the various track events enabling Coast Region to shine in athletic trials staged yesterday at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

The trials were part of the preparations for the National Athletics Championship to be held in Dar es Salaam in September this year.

In that trials, Coast Region, whose majority runners came from Filbert Bayi Schools (FBS) managed to beat Dar es Salaam in most of the track and field events.

The Secretary General of Dar es Salaam Athletics Association (DAA), Lucas Nkungu said the trials aimed to pick the best athletes who will be eligible to compete in the National Athletic Championship on September 5th and 6 at the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

All regions of Tanzania Mainland and Isles are going to participate in the two-day championship, according to Nkungu.

In 400m race for women, Regina Deugratius won the 400m race followed by Gaudensia Maneno as the runner up and Pili Mipawa as third-placed finisher, all three came from FBS.

The winner clocked 58:43 while the runner was timed at 58:7 and the third finisher clocked 60:00.

Others from FBS were Benedicto Mathias who won the 400m race for men after clocking 49:70 followed by Matiku Sarya who spent 51:29 while John Siuwa who finished third in 51:53 came from Mlimani School.

FBS also produced Shija Donald and Siwema Julius who won 100m sprint in 13:17 and 13:45 respectively while Nuru Nasra Khamu who finished third in 15:12 came from Mlimani School.

FBS Coach Ron Davis said the trials were very beneficial to the runners as the event enabled him to discover many talented runners.

He said he was satisfied with the performance of many youth and he hoped most of them will shine in the national level championship in September.

The event’s organizer and athletics legend, Filbert Bayi urged athletes from Dar es Salaam and Coast regions to start training for the national championship since early preparations most often pay off.

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