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Arusha plans to introduce drought leagues, checkers festivals

A game of checkers may not attract much media attention but it has just come to light that more than 80 percent of Arusha residents have been playing it with abandon, though on the quiet side.

As result, the city is planning to organise the first ever 'Drought Game Festival,' whose dates are yet to be announced, following the recent official registration of the Arusha Regional Draft Association, or as known in Kiswahili, 'Chama Cha Drafti Mkoa wa Arusha,' (CDMA).

The City Sports Officer, Benson Maneno, admitted that the regional association has been provided with a recognition certificate and in line with that all local clubs operating at ward and street levels will also be registered so that they may get support in their sporting endeavours.

“We are going to officially launch the Regional Drought Games Association during the proposed maiden festival to be held soon,” explained Maneno, adding that prizes and trophies will be issued at the event.

He pointed out that drought events, whether big or small, now need to be supervised, promoted and players involved in regional, national and even international events.

Maneno explained further that after the planned event, the region intends to conduct special training seminars to all checkers' clubs in the city.

The interim Chairman of the Arusha Regional Drought Association Benedict Mlawa said the checkers board games are played practically everywhere in the country, but usually in an informal and disorganised manner.

“It is high time that drought events, usually simply taken as entertainment excursions, become defined and official, helping to generate income for the players and country as whole,” he said, adding that soon special leagues are to be introduced on district, regional and national qualifying levers.

Drought leagues are expected to commence on the March 6th 2021. This will come after all local clubs here have been enlisted.

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Author: YASINTA AMOS in Arusha

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