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Avoiding facemasks a source of concern

ALTHOUGH authorities here stressed on wearing of face masks and social distancing when schools reopened last Monday after over three months of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some students are reluctant to wear the masks.

Both President Dr John Magufuli and his Zanzibar  counterpart, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein allowed nursery, primary, and secondary schools to reopen on June 29 after considerable success in controlling the spread of coronavirus in the country.

During the opening, ministers Ms Riziki Pembe Juma (Education and Vocational Training), and Mr Hamad Rashid Mohamed (Health), directed school managements and community leaders and advised parents to ensure hygienic safeguards (hand washing), wearing of face masks, and social distancing while in school.

But teachers in various schools complained that some students were reluctant to wear masks and observing social distancing during break as they continued to encourage students to wear the masks because Covid-19 hadn’t vanished entirely.

During school inspection yesterday, Ms Juma reminded students and teachers that adhering to health precautions remained important in controlling the spread of  Covid-19.

As Tanzania slowly returns to normal life after the coronavirus pandemic, globally the problem is still high, with deaths surpassing half a million and infections exceeding ten million.

However, despite the pandemic, many states have already started planning to reopen businesses and schools that were closed to contain the illness.

Disinfecting surfaces, reducing students’ contact with peers, and promoting social distancing in classrooms is being encouraged in different countries.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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