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National cohesion crucial before, beyond polls

National cohesion crucial before, beyond polls

PATRIOTISM is one of the cornerstones of every nation.

For a nation embraces the people who are born and bred within that geographical entity, and who are duty-bound to contribute to all fundamental aspects that, put together, create that entity.

There’s every likelihood of having a geographical entity that may seem to be a nation, but which upon close examination, may simply be a geographical mass that may be more pronounced as a country.

A cursory glance at the goings-on in various parts of the world vividly show that, some countries are not at ease due to socio-political tensions of various degrees.

Close examination shows that, the lack of nationhood, a concept closely linked to patriotism, is at the root of the tensions and wars that bedevil some parts of the world.

We, Tanzanians, count ourselves lucky for being among the countries in the African continent and beyond that are stable and the socio-economic speed of which has earned much praise worldwide.

National cohesion has contributed immensely to this admirable situation. But effective leadership has contributed immensely to the achievements that we have attained over the nearly 60 years of nationhood.

Right from Founder-President mwalimu Julius Nyerere to incumbent Dr John Pombe Magufuli, patriotism has been the clarion call, to which, by and large, wananchi have admirably rallied.

It is significant, indeed, that, we are a largely cohesive and peaceful family in spite of hosting several tribes, in sharp contrast to the situation that obtain elsewhere, where tensions and strife are rife and threaten to tear countries asunder.

Fifth phase President Magufuli has been a frontline activist on the mission of consolidating Tanzanian nationhood.

It is sickening, however, that, we have in our midst, people who project themselves as having the interests of the nation at heart but are in reality spoilers.

We are currently in an election season, which will climax come October, when constituency and presidential polls will be held.

Naturally, every legitimately registered political party is anxious to emerge victorious through the electoral process and become the major driver of national affairs.

Clean campaigns are thus crucial; those bent on using dirty tricks, plus undermining the achievements the current government has recorded, shouldn’t be given a chance.

At the end of the day, records speak for themselves, and beyond the polls, patriotism and nationhood remain crucial.

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