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On human flourishing: What to check on race to Chamwino

On human flourishing: What to check on race to Chamwino

PRESIDENTIAL election race 2020 has kicked off and I for one take it as a forum for Tanzanians to help one another and set the record straight particularly on what this contest is all about, as far as our prosperity and wellbeing is concerned.

The year 2020 elections are special because no one wants to make mistakes which will make us wait again, and for so long, before we are able to knock at the Promised Land’s door. We have to help one another and I will explain. Indeed the race is already on. Many have shown interest.

They wish to stand up and be voted into Chamwino State House. I am deliberately avoiding the use of our traditional Magogoni to acknowledge President John Pombe Magufuli’s success in implementing the most significant and historical decision of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere to relocate the government administrative capital from Dar es Salam to Dodoma.

Anyway, I do not want to go into a rather long history, even though I believe sometime in the near future all of it will be worth narrating because of its significant lessons in relation to how democratic decisions were made are implemented. Suffice to say Chamwino is our agenda today.

I begin with Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere. I believe he was right when he eloquently spoke of both Chamwino and Magogoni as holy places.

As we approach elections, a time to choose who should be voted in into Chamwino, someone with the capacity to translate vision into reality, it is important, in the articulation of Mwalimu, to recall the importance of purity, integrity of moral character and the level of sanctity of the leader we want.

Looking at what has been done over the past five years, I am optimistic that fellow Tanzanians are now, more than ever before, fully aware of the fact that by voting, we will add our voice to the chorus that forms opinions and the basis for actions. What we have seen so far is the real commitment to shared prosperity.

There is evidence that the journey towards economic revolution has taken off. In reality, Tanzanians have tasted the goodness of leaders’ sincerity and dedication to building our economy so that jobs can be produced. This is good news indeed.

I know many still speak of their problems fed by poverty and joblessness or underemployment. They are absolutely right. This is the challenge that none can ignore. This is the reason why I see the 2020 race to Chamwino as yet another opportunity for prosperity and well-being of Tanzanians.

This is where whoever will be given an opportunity shall need to be a servant leader, someone whose vision shall be that which should start with a desire to serve.

As it has already been proven through what has been achieved over the last five years, the leader with a clear inclination for service shall need to be the one with an intention to lead and develop wananchi, to ultimately achieve a higher purpose objective to the benefit of Tanzanians.

In fact, though my focus today is Chamwino, but for him or her to succeed Tanzanians shall need lawmakers who are able to deeply understand and empathise with Tanzanians, their service delivery and welfare, and not those who proved failure in the outgoing representation.

Back to Mwalimu’s concept of holiness of Chamwino, I see it very difficult for a leader who has no proven record of awareness, someone who has no wider awareness of himself or herself to contest.

We need a leader who has an ability to convince us that things can happen, meaning he or she has already shown ability to maximise performance, able to think beyond the day-to-day realities of his work and the nation at large.

This I say because Mwalimu’s philosophy of State House holiness, rules out a leader who has no foresight, a characteristic which enables him to understand lessons from the past, the realities of the present, and the likely outcomes of any future decisions regarding Tanzania.

So we need a leader who is in trust for the greater good of our Tanzanian society. This is a leader who can lead with a deep commitment to both our growth, while ensuring our welfare and well-being as a big consideration for the task ahead for 2020 elections.

I like the Liberian proverb which reads; If the townspeople are happy, look to the chief. This speaks of the holiness of Chamwino as that which should evoke, to anyone aspiring to be elected, emotional responses of awe, admiration, and reverence.

So the 2020 election in Tanzania will bring with it surprises because voting, a civic sacrament and the highest responsibility, to use the words of Christine Pelos, an American Democratic Party political strategist from California, will be tough.

I am not a prophet, but I see the coming election to be about choosing who, among many, has the ability to think big and long term as we continue to build an industrialised economy that meets the needs of the current and future Tanzanian generations.

It will be about the man or a woman who seriously wants to help mother Tanzania join the world’s most prosperous, shared and sustainable economies. This is the election in which voters will not be dragged down or misled.

It is the election of who will ensure the continuation of the ongoing efforts to entirely transform the way our economy operates. This will be an election which shall be decided on based on the president and lawmakers with the ability to build an economy that is founded on the principles and practices of value creation.

And Tanzanians are much more alert now than the past decade. So what they want is to see young people, as many of them have already seen progress, allowed more employment and livelihood chances by the Government.

No question, young people will vote for whoever will help make it easier for small businesses to compete and grow. So let’s get ready for elections. To do so we shall need to remember that this election is about patterns of leadership we have so far tasted. So let us be true to ourselves.

I know, for many their relationships with their leaders are quite clearly mowed by their past. I know they wish to perfect their future. Mind you, the 2020 race to Chamwino is more than collecting a nomination form.


Dr Alfred Sebahene, PhD Social Ethics Specialist and Anti-Corruption Consultant St John’s University of Tanzania Dodoma, Tanzania Email Addresses: arsebahene2@ yahoo.co.uk, alfredsebahene@gmail.com Mobile: 0767 233 997

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Author: Dr Alfred Sebahene

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