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Why our Mainland Premier League is weak

Why our Mainland Premier League is weak

SIMBA Sports Club were this week crowned Mainland Premier League champions well before the end of the league because of the strength of the points they have gathered.

Even if the first or the second runners up won their entire remaining league matches the points they would have gathered would not surpass what Simba have already collected in their kitty.

That is the beauty of a team winning most of its matches in the league. Any premier league in the world is won if a team works hard in all their matches from the word go. That is what Simba Sports Club did and that is exactly what Liverpool did in their English Premier League, which like the local premier league in Tanzania is still going on.

According to soccer experts, in order to win the league the Simba and Liverpool style, a team needs to win most of its matches and in particular against the so-called weak teams which are in majority in most of the premier league. There is no point beating the big teams and losing against the small teams.

If you reviewed both the English and the Tanzania premier league you will find the same thing. Liverpool beat almost all the small teams in the English premier league and later went on to beat at least five out of the six or seven big clubs.

They only faltered against Manchester United, earning a draw in the first round but won the second round. But beat the rest including almost all the small teams in the league and that is why they won the English premier league before the end of the league. The same route was pursued by Simba Sports Club.

They beat almost all the small teams in the league, including a few at the top. Of course, in the end they lost to their arch soccer rivals, Young Africans. But the latter lost a number of matches not against big teams, but small teams and that is how they lost the league.

Young Africans have however, vowed to win the league next year. But as we all know, it is always easier said than done. But that does not mean they cannot win the league. They can. But they would have to do exactly what their arch, soccer rivals have done, win against all small teams including a couple of big clubs at the top of the pile.

But they will have to spend more time working rather than talking, and my friend and relative, Dr Mshindo Msolla knows better. In our Hehe language we say; “Mulomo si kitegulo,” which means, action speaks louder than words. After the end of the league, Dr Msolla needs to take charge of recruitment of players.

Those who were entrusted with the task of recruiting Yanga’s players last season took the club for a ride. He may not have to go out himself, but he needs to assure himself of the performance of any new player before any confirmation is made on such a player.

If Dr Msolla fails to intervene, then disaster awaits the club. The same things can be said about Simba Sports Club. They also need to ensure that they get better players than what they have if they want to do well in the forthcoming Champions League.

After going beyond the group stages of the Champions League two years ago, in the following year they were knocked out of the preliminaries of the CAF Champions League against a nondescript Mozambican club.

Their failure was due to the fact that the kind of players who had taken them beyond the group stages in the previous year were no longer around, hence their ignominious elimination from the tournament. One hopes that, they have learnt a lesson. And, the same thing can be said about Young Africans.

They are likely to finish third in the league even next season if they don’t work on the calibre of players they have. If they don’t want to finish third next season, they would really have to get better players, players who know the kind of club they are playing for. Yanga need to get players who feel proud to don the club’s colours.

For only players who have such attitudes would work for Yanga and no one else. The management needs to get players who know that losing is not an option. Much as both Simba and Liverpool won their respective premier league before the end of the league. But it is important to note the two results are a reflection of weak league.

I f the two league were strong, we would have witnessed the kind of competition which would have taken teams from both league to the wire. But that did not take place should not make fans on both sides rejoice. They need to start worrying. A league that produces a winner before the end of the league is not a healthy league.

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