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TPSF: Future of vibrant private sector in hands of enterprising youth

THE Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) said yesterday that it believes the future of Tanzania’s energetic and strong private sector rests in the hands of the country’s youth.

Commenting on the foundation’s five-year development strategy in Dar es Salaam, the TPSF Executive Director, Godfrey Simbeye said current efforts being made by the TPSF to lay a strong foundation for vibrant private sector aim at benefiting enterprising skilled young Tanzanians.

He said symposia for youths to be held in regions sought to achieve this goal.

“On Saturday we have jointly, with Songwe Region, organised a symposium that specifically seeks to expose young people to socio-economic opportunities in their region and Tanzania. We want to show young people how they can and must be important part of Tanzania’s present and future vibrant private sector. We want to see the informal economy that host millions of young people growing strongly,” he told reporters.

However, he appealed to Songwe’s youth to attend the symposium to benefit from presentations that will be made.

He said the private sector grows and will continue to grow as a result of cooperation between the private and public institutions and development partners.

“Our task is to coordinate economic activities and investment. When we look at the overall picture we still see many young Tanzanians outside the informal economy. We want them inside the informal economy. We congratulate Songwe on sharing our view on this issue. We appeal to all regions and institutions to join us in the struggle to ensure young people achieve their dreams,” Mr Simbeye said.

The executive director said the government was working hard to make Tanzania a middle-income industrial nation.

But, he said, that goal would be hard to achieve if young people remained outside the informal economy and were not active participants in building Tanzania’s private sector.

TPSF is the umbrella organization for private sector organisations and societies and is part of the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC).

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