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Meat factory to meet Asia demand

TANCHOICE Limited will soon commence operations to meet acute shortage of meat in some Asian countries due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

Most of industrial operations, including meat processing plants around the world have been shut down as way to contain the spread of Covid-19 disease which in turn created demand for such basic goods.

But Tanzania under strong and visionary leadership of President John Magufuli have shown all signs of defeating the virus as most socio-economic activities resumed to their normalcy.

From when it recorded the first coronavirus case, Tanzania did not jump into one-size-fits-all copy and paste lock down approaches applied by most countries, instead it opted for all other scientific measures including use of sanitizers, washing hands and wearing facemasks to contain the pandemic. 

The Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA), Director for Investment Promotion and Facilitation James Maziku said the 35bn/-(15 million US dollars), TANCHOICE meat processing factory was set to commence operations later this year.

However, the acute demand for meat in earmarked Asian markets has prompted the factory to start operations this month in order to cater for shortage of beef.

TANCHOICE meat processing factory with capacity to slaughter 1,000 cattle and 4,500 goats/sheep daily has already complied with national and international standards namely the certification from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), including food safety management System ISO 22000 and quality management system ISO 9001.

The quantities and volume to be exported will depend on market requirements to the earmarked markets which are namely United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

The transport of meat and meat products from TANCHOICE Limited will be by refrigerated trucks or reefer containers to Airport and Port.

The fresh chilled meat and meat products will be air freighted from Julius Nyerere International Airport while the frozen meat and meat products will be transported by sea in reefer containers via Dar es Salaam Port.

The factory said it will embark on skills development plan for Tanzanians on slaughtering and meat processing, that is on-job training programs customized for specific work areas.

And where necessary, employees will be sent to institutions for more exposure and training on meat technology and management.

Where expatriates are engaged they will be tasked to pass on the necessary knowledge and skills to nationals.

The TANCHOICE meat processing factory located at Soga in Kibaha District, Coast Region obtained the Export Processing Zone (EPZ), developer’s license from the EPZA in 2018. 

“This project expected to create over 500 direct jobs will strategically help the livestock sector graduate and unlock the challenges of commercializing it,” Mr Maziku

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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