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State reiterates commitment to distribute power to all villages

THE government has reaffirmed its commitment to facilitate power flow to all villages across the country by next year following huge investments by the national power utility firm Tanesco and the Rural Energy Agency (REA).

The Ministry of Energy explained in its written response to Msalala parliamentarian Ezekiel Maige (CCM) that in addition to reaching every household in every village, the State plans to ensure quality power supply in rural areas to facilitate value addition, especially to local producers.

Mr Maige had wanted to know how many villages in his constituency would benefit from the first round of rural electrification phase three.

He demanded to know when Kashishi, Ntobo, Mega, Mwanase, Butondolo and Mwalugulu villages would also get electricity.

“When will the government supply electricity to the public institutions in villages that have now been connected to the essential energy, especially in Bulyanhulu, Segese, Ngaya, Bulige, Isaka, Chila, Busangi, Shilela, Lunguyu and Bugarama?”

Dr Medard Kalemani, the minister, said both Tanesco and REA were working to ensure that all areas would be covered by June 2021.

“Under the REA III second phase which is set to commence this month, all villages in Msalala constituency will get electricity,” citing them as Kashishi, Ntobo, Mega, Mwanase, Butondolo and Mwalugulu.

He elaborated that work on the area involved the construction of a 33kV distribution line stretching some 57.2 kilometres and an addition 73km—long 0.4kV powerline.

Dr Kalemani said at least 12 transformers with the capacity of 50 and 100 kVA will be required to benefit some 320 new customers. The project is scheduled to be completed in June 2021, at a cost of 633m/-.

During the financial year 2020/201, the rural electrification agency plans to embark on special densification phase II (IIB) that will also benefit Kahama in Shinyanga Region.

Under the programme, the project targets to supply electricity in all public institutions.

Minister Kalemani said Tanesco also planned to connect public institutions in suburbs in Msalala council, covering Bulyanhulu, Segese, Ngaya, Bulige, Isaka, Chila, Busangi, Shilela, Lunguyu and Bugarama wards during the 2020/21 financial year.

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