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Nyambui may end Brunei coaching role prematurely

Nyambui may end Brunei coaching role prematurely

ATHLETICS coach Suleiman Nyambui may decide to end his Brunei coaching contract and return home earlier than expected due to various reasons.

Regadless, the former long distance hero Nyambui, currently coaching Brunei national athletics team has strong desire to leave a legacy in Brunei, where his contract runs until 2022.

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ from Brunei recently, Nyambui disclosed that sparse athletics talents in the Asian nation makes it difficult for him to execute his duties to the optimum.

Nyambui hinted his intention not to see his contract and return home later this year, to look for his career elsewhere.

“I have been contracted to work with Brunei National Athletics Federation (BDAF) until 2022, but I don’t see myself here next year,” he said.

Nyambui was hired by the government of Brunei through the BDAF as middle and long distance races coach and has been there since June 2015.

He also advised Brunei Minister for Sports on athletics issues, adding that he is delighted with the faith and support they have shown him for the past five years.

“Most of young athletes have become inspired to run and are doing fine. The big challenge is to take them to high level due to the environment that hardly favours long and middle distance races.

“My ambitions since coming here have always been to leave a lasting legacy by producing top athletes. Coaches like me, who are well known by World Athletics, formerly the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) should aim more than that, but the time I spent here, I came to realise it could be difficult for me to reach that goal.

I have seen most athletes can do even better in other sports like martial arts, but my job here is athletic,” he added.

Regardless, the El Paso University alumni, Nyambui said his job as Brunei team coach has been very rewarding as of today; the country’s performance in athletics has improved but is yet to reach his expectation.

“I can see some improvement yes, when I got here the best 800m performances for 24 years old male athlete was 2.18 minutes, but we managed to cut that time to 2.05 minutes, which is the current record. My aim is to push that time even down, though it seems difficult and as a coach, it gives you something to think about,” he noted.

Nyambui, one of the only two Tanzanians with Olympic medals, is among the best athletics coaches Tanzania has ever produced.

He is a track events specialist, did well in 5000m, 10,000m races during his career peak in 1970s and 1980s.

He won a bronze medal at the 1978 All-Africa Games and the silver medal in 5,000m during the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Russia

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