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Rukwa RC irked by unreliable officials

RUKWA Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Joachim Wangabo, has tasked the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to arrest and grill three civil servants for allegedly swindling 27.6m/-, being domestic revenues they had collected in Nkasi District Council.

The three are Godfrid Sapole, who allegedly swindled 4,514,400/-,Jushwa Kuza (8,428,200/-) and, Joseph Kalubilo (9,731,700/-).

The trio are accused of swindling the collected revenue during the Financial Year of 2018/19.

Likewise, the RC directed the Nkasi District Executive Director (DED), Mr Missana Kwangura, to take into task all revenue collectors who have swindled over 53m/- they had collected until May 31,this year.

The RC issued such directives during a full Baraza meeting held here in Namanyere Town, where councillors received and discussed the verdict opinions of Controller and Audited General (CAG), of which Nkasi District Council got qualified opinion of the 2018/-19 Financial Year.

According to the CAG verdict opinions of the 2018/19, the domestic revenue collected which was not banked by defaulters reached 47,725,415 .43, that by the end of the said year only 27,674,300/- was not banked to date.

“The malpractice is against section no 50 (5)of financial act of Local Government of 2009...... which depicts that all domestic revenue collected must be banked the same day or the following day,” explained a section of the CAG reports.

The RC further said “Though the CAG report shows that only 27,674,300/- has not been banked by the three defaulters until the end of 2018/19, however the report that I have is that until the end of May this year, more than 53m/- has not been banked by defaulters who probably swindled it.”

“These defaulters are big headache to us, instead of banking the revenue they had collected, they have “eaten” “ it..... This malpractice has become like a cancer, which has no treatment in the region.

Mr Wangabo expressed his dismay over poor performance and commitment of the DED (Kwangura) for laxity in closely supervising domestic revenue collection as well as taking into task all defaulters, including disciplining them.

“The DED (Kwangura) in all councillor’s full baraza has issued cheap explanation over the matter .... It is much better if all councillors here could refuse to attend such baraza until all the revenue which has been swindled by defaulters is accounted for, otherwise the DED and his management team will continue playing with you,” added the RC.

On his part, the Nkasi District Council Chairman, Mr Sumuni Mwanakulya who is also the Kate Ward Councillor for twenty years now announced officially during the meeting that he will not contest for the seat for coming General Election scheduled for this year

Author: PETI SIYAME in Nkasi

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