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Police investigate origin of fake alarming text

POLICE have refuted a social media report that criminals were distributing some chemically intoxicated facemasks to make their victims, who later on become unconscious and robbed.

The force spokesman, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) David Misime said that Police have not released any information or an alert relating to the matter.

Recently, a text went viral suggesting that police were warning the public against criminals, who lurk in the streets distributing free facemasks.

According to the text, the criminals were forcing their victims to test the facemasks, and in the process become unconscious, collapse and give them a loophole to steal from them with ease.

According to Mr Misime, the circulating text does not originate from the Police force.

“Police have its procedures of issuing public information, therefore we ask the public to ignore it,” he noted.

He said Police are already investigating the origin of the text, adding that legal measures will be taken against those who are behind it.

“The message has ended up creating fear and panic in the public, we cannot allow this, and the people involved will be hunted and punished according to the law of the land,” added Mr Misime.

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