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Earmark potential areas for tourism, authorities told

PRIME Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, has tasked authorities in Dodoma region to earmark areas potential for tourism attractions and seek approvals from the local Councillors’ Council.

The endorsement from the council would help the areas be listed among the regions as country’s tourism destination profiles.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of 103 residential houses for the Immigration Department built by the National Housing Corporation (NHC), at Iyumbu in the city, the premier said the state would only work on the document dully approved by the council.

Despite the existence of the areas’ historical sites and other attractions, they were yet to be listed among the tourism attraction sites present in Dodoma.

“There is no such list highlighting attraction sites in Dodoma. It’s the duty of the Council to recommend them to the State for further decision,” he said citing a place in which an elephant was hallowed when the ground collapsed.

The incidence later solicited the name-Idodomya only to be translated as Dodoma.

He further said the sites can also include common places for traditional rituals, and an area that was mostly used by travellers to shield from rains, but unfortunately caved in and died.

“These areas need to be protected and can be good areas for tourism and researching purposes especially for traditional practices," Mr Majaliwa noted.

The decision of the Premier allows the City Director, Godwin Kunambi, to submit the Council’s report to the State Minister Regional Administration and Local Governments, Selemani Jafo.

Earlier, the Minister in the Office of the Vice-President Union and Environment, George Simbachawene had earlier requested Mr Majaliwa to help and elevate the areas be identified as potential sites for preserving traditional customs.

The minister had claimed that the areas had not been listed in the city development master plan as in the case of Iyumbu forest, where traditional chiefs and priestess used to meet for their traditional activities before the government relocated to Dodoma “The new city master plan did not recognize these areas... locals want them to be preserved and protected by at least building them traditional structures, which depict the transition of the region,” he said.

“Take again Chihanga and Bwibiwi areas best recognized for traditional chiefs from Iringa, Dodoma and Singida met for rituals,” said Mr Simbachawene.

In response, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office charged with Labour, Youth and Employment, Anthony Mavunde said the areas are still under Court of law order following disputes between the authorities and local leaders.

However, he urged that the government allows the locals custody of the traditional areas to uphold the culture and customs.

THE government, through the Office of Solicitor General, ...


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