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Hospitals heave sigh of relief

A CONTINUOUS decline in coronavirus cases has compelled the government into converting some of Covid-19 care wards back to general uses.

Tanzania has of late witnessed a massive decline in the number of Covid-19 patients in its hospitals, leaving some wards empty while others host only few patients.

It is a huge relief for the country’s healthcare system which has courageously fought the contagion, leading to impressive recovery rate.

Earlier this week, the Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children Ms Ummy Mwalimu said the Dar es Salaam region had only four patients, with Amana Regional Referral Hospital hosting three patients and the other one admitted at Mloganzila Centre.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Prof Mabula Mchembe told the ‘Daily News’ on Wednesday that already the government had started to convert to normal uses the wards at facilities that were designated for Covid-19.

“The process of restoring the primary use of the wards in the designated hospitals that have no Covid-19 patients,” he said.

With an incredible decline in the number of Covid-19 patients, the Amana Hospital has relocated the remaining three patients to a small room with a capacity to host 18 patients at a go.

Initially, Covid-19 patients were hosted in the designated 150-bed wards at the facility; 75 beds being for male and the remaining 75 for female patients.

On Monday, the ‘Daily News’ visited some of the designated centres for Covid- 19 patients in Dar es Salaam region, only to observe that Amana hospital had already decontaminated the wards that hosted Coronavirus patients.

The Amana Centre Covid- 19 Focal Person Dr Stanley Binagi said despite the decline in number of patients, they would remain standby to receive other patients in case of any future outbreak of the respiratory disease.

He said, the hospital has taken initiative in cleaning the wards and during the process the hospital took 30 samples from the wards for coronavirus testing.

“The results showed all samples were negative, so now we are waiting for guidance from the ministry on what should be done,” said Dr Binagi.

He said since there are no more Covid-19 patients, the wards have to resume serving their primary role, and that they have started to rearrange the wards and other facilities back to normal services.

“Because of the emergency, a lot of changes had been made here including replacement of doctors rooms as some of them were used as wards for Coronavirus patients, but now things are coming back to normal,” he told this paper.


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