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Iranians to remember revolutionary leaders today

IRANIAN nationals across the world today come together to commemorate the 31st Anniversary of the death of the Islamic Revolutionary leader in Iran, Imam Ayatollah Khomeini, including honoring the wonderful achievements he made in his life.

This was revealed in Dar es Salaam yesterday by the Assistant Director of the Cultural Center of the Cultural Center of Iran's Islamic Embassy in Tanzania, Mr Morteza Pirani.

He explained in a statement that on June 4 1989, the Islamic world lost a man of morals, courage, discernment and faith and who could stand the challenge of all the imperialists.

Mr Pirani said further that the leader's commemorative ceremony is held on June 4, every year to honor all good things that the leader did throughout his life time.

"Imam Khomeini was a follower of the values ​​and practices of the Holy Prophet SAW, in spite of confronting Western and Eastern cultures, he built a heart of faith in Iranian society," he said in the statement.

Referring to his practices, the assistant director explained said Imam Khomeini MA was strictly following the policies of the Prophet SAW.

He said that Imam Khomeini followed the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad SAW effectively and all the time he advised people not to neglect domestic duties as matters of taking care children was not a small thing.

According to him, if one succeeds in providing good care to another, one would have provided great service to the community.

"Imam Khomeini MA himself was a great helper to his wife. There were times when their children were young and they cried a lot during the night, they were forced to remain watching the whole night until morning," he said.

The assistant explained, therefore, that Khomeini planned some shifts, taking turns watching the children while the other slept.

He added that Khomeini, who took his life-style from the Holy Prophet SAW, did not give the opportunity for major or minor modifications to the house and even during the forced war initiated by Iraq's Saddam Hussein regime against Iran, where he remained in the same house even when Iraq air forces bombed Tehran.

"The interesting thing here is that, Imam Khomeini was welcoming and inviting various guests, including presidents and ministers from different countries into a very small and normal room, which had no furniture," reads part of the statement issued by the assistant director.

He explained further that the humility and attentiveness are among footsteps of the Holy Prophet SAW. The Holy Prophet SAW, according to him, never sat in a special place when he met his companions, but he spoke to them while sitting in an ordinary place.

Pirani stated further that the Holy Prophet SAW was not a man of anger in public, but made fun with people so that they could be free and express their problems without fear before their leader.

"Imam Khomeini was following the same practices, although the Islamic Revolution of Iran would have been meaningless without his leadership or Imam Khomeini's humility never prompted him to complain of the complexity of his duties as he always made himself known to the public as a service provider, "he said.

THE government, through the Office of Solicitor General, ...


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