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Monduli band snatches Nyoshi from Bogoss Musica

Monduli band snatches Nyoshi from Bogoss Musica

CONGOLESE music star, Nyoshi El Saadat, who was serving Bogoss Musica of Dar es Salaam, has announced to quit the group and join Wisdom Musica of Monduli, Arusha.

Nyoshi is expected to take the leadership of the newly formed outfit from Monduli, about 40km west of Arusha city.

Wisdom is currently shopping for more experienced musicians to supplement its own ensemble and has already attracted many good artistes from Dar-es-salaam including the mega star Nyoshi El Saadat and two others.

Humphrey Nyuchi is the band’s director and has confirmed that ‘Wisdom’ will be hiring new musicians including the widely popular Nyoshi from the Dar-es-salaambased, Bogoss Musica.

Others are Charles Baba and Jose Mara, from Mapacha Watatu,’ band. The band will also bring to Arusha singers from Nigeria and Botswana in order to provide variety of musical test to the audience.

Nyoshi, the DR Congo national, will be taking over the leadership of the band, according to the source.

“We are hiring the three top entertainment personalities so that Arusha can compete with Dar-es-salaam and thrash the latter black and blue,” boasted Nyuchi, explaining that, they are not going to compete with other bands of Arusha that is why they are scooping artistes from Dar and across the border.

Based in Monduli District, the members of Wisdom Band have chosen to stay away from the city lights as the band is scheduled to be officially launched this June, depending on the situation as far as ‘Covid-19’ infections are concerned.

Speaking recently during a soft launch ceremony, the Band’s General Manager Cletus Wilbert, representing their Director, Humphrey Nyuchi, described the band as being a 12-piece ensemble, comprising of six vocalists and six instrumentalists.

The band’s initial line-up includes Francis Kandidus Komba, Khalid Shaibu Muhumba, Guitarist, Awadh Marijan Seleman as guitarists; while John Charles Ngosha and Elias Shaaban Shaster are drummers.

The vocalists include Said Shaaban Lamba, Awadh Seif Mbulu and Simphorian Novatusy Mwambaluka.

Others in the band are Rama Peter Balala, Jarafi Idrisa Mbaruku, Maria Fidelis Msafiri who arwe also singers while the band Manager is Selemani Shaibu Muhumba.

During the occasion to introduce the new band at Dhahabu Resort, veteran singer, Ali Choki, popularly known as ‘Mzee wa Farasi was invited to offer advices and take part in some of the band’s songs, including his own cover versions.

At the inaugural show, the Wisdom wBand was playing as support act to Les Mwenge Jazz from the Tanzania Military Academy of Monduli in the latter’s regular performance.

Since time in history, Arusha has been lagging behind in musical performances, the regions’ only portfolio is the defunct Kurugenzi Band of the 70s and 80s fame and as well the army managed band of Mwenge Jazz

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Author: YASINTA AMOS in Arusha

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