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Students take caution, express enthusiasm as classes resume

AS Form Six students and Colleges resumed classes yesterday, a mixture of enthusiasm and precaution were expressed in different learning institutions according to a spot check carried out by ‘Daily News’ in different parts of the country.

In many places in Dar es Salaam, students expressed enthusiasm and could not hide their feelings over the government’s decision to reopen the institutions after more than two months closure as a result of Covid-19 scare.

At some schools and universities in the city, students could be seen observing health guidelines in classrooms as classes picked up.

The resumption of the classes came after the government realised that the disease was waning and the number of patients in the country was significantly reducing.

Interviewed, a University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) second-year student, Willy Ndeshe, said considering the time he spent at home, he was still optimistic that classes would resume very fast.

"I have ensured that I use this day very fast to complete registration, because I really missed a taste of a lecturing room," he said.

In different areas at the institution, precautionary measures were everywhere being highly observed, which included students frequently washing their hands, and wearing face masks.

At the Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College (TUDARCo), a first year student, Justine Pawa said he welcomed the decision to resume studies.

"I real commend President John Magufuli for taking this bold decision, because remaining at home could really affect us academically. The only thing to do is to adhere to precautionary measures and life continues," he said.

At Dar es Salaam School of Journalism (DSJ), the day started with communication meeting for all students to take precautions in fighting the spread of the disease.

At around 10am yesterday, students could be seen in masks and keeping social distances in a kind of meeting at the school ground waiting to hear from the administration.

Equally, scores could be seen socialising and chatting after months of not seeing one another.

"I am really pleased. We didn’t know when the disease would completely go away, yet we need to carry on with classes," Billal Kaluta, commented.

His views were echoed by a classmate, Asha Mhando, who argued that though she was studying while at home, classes with lecturers were more proper to improve students' performance.

"For us girls, staying at home also meant doing a lot of domestic work that consumes time instead of studying," she explained.

At Kibasila Secondary school, the Head Master, Mr Patrick Sinyinza, said 80 per cent of their A level students had reported for classes.

"In the morning we had session to educate the students on how to protect themselves from contracting the disease, and also gave a lot of encouragement to them to fully prepare for the forthcoming national examinations," he said.

A Form Six student at the institution, Mwajuma Abdallah, said since only one month is remaining for them to sit for national exams, she put a lot of efforts in revisions as already they had covered all the topics before the disease’s outbreak.

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