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Syllabus for football academies set for implementation in July

THE Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), said the football syllabus meant to be distributed to all youth development centres in the country has been completed and will start to be disbursed from next month.

This was disclosed yesterday by the federation's Technical Director, Oscar Mirambo who cemented that at the moment, they are in the process to verify all the available active youth centers to know their exact number before distribution campaign.

Once shared with the youth centres, the syllabus is said to help a lot in de- veloping the national foot- ball philosophy which will be the identity of Tanzania football.

"According to the current trend of the situa- tion, we hope that by June 30th, we will have the actual number of the targeted youth development centers and thereafter, the exercise of distribution will follow.

"Also, we want those centres which will benefit from the syllabus to declare the equipment and staff members they have for us to get clear data which is vital when doing inspection," Mirambo said.

In terms of cooperation from stakeholders, Miram- bo said they have so far re- ceived good feedback from sports community bearing in mind that once it starts to be implemented, it will bring many benefits.

He added that if foot- ball development is to be realised in the country, then all youth developing centers should have the common syllabus to be imparted to the upcoming players.

He then mentioned some of the qualities for the centres to benefit from the proposed syllabus that they should have youth football experts who can easily train young players, good playing facilities and physical addresses that will make them reached easily.

"There is nowhere we can inject the national foot- ball philosophy apart from these centers where youth of different age groups are brushed before they mature to join big clubs and even national team.

"We already did situ- ation analysis before embarking on the project to see how effective the syllabus will be to the country and from what we observed, it will be the solution for our football development," said Mirambo.

According to him, so far, there are 168 registered youth centres even though many others are yet to be registered.

Recently, the Magnet Youth Sports Academy Technical Director, Wane Mkisi said there is a serious problem of age cheating in the country when it comes to youth football development.

"Those players who have the right age are deprived opportunity to show- case their potential by their colleagues who are older than them because the latter are given priority over the former.

"I have visited different countries in the world with our youth teams and what I have seen is that tactically, we are better but physically we are poor due to the nutrition requirements to our players," he said.

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