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Man allegedly impregnates, marries daughter

Man allegedly impregnates, marries daughter

A BURUNDIAN refugee, Emmanuel Kwizera (45), who was residing a Katumba Refugee Camp in Mpanda District, Rukwa region has been accused by his wife, Mwajuma Ramadhani (40) for allegedly impregnating his biological daughter and thereafter marrying her.

Ms Ramadhani, who is the mother of the daughter told the ‘Daily News’ at Kanoge village that her husband fled with their daughter five years ago, when she was 14 years only to be seen four months in pregnancy.

"I was sick and rushed to a health centre after learning that my daughter was pregnant, and when I was discharged, I found out that my husband and daughter had fled" she claimed.

The woman, who is also a Burundian refugee, stated that since then she has been living with her other four children in harsh conditions.

“I was recently informed that my husband and our daughter are currently married and staying at Mishamo Refugee Camp, Bulamata village in Tanganyika District in the same region" she said.

Narrating the incest, she said her husband showed suspicious gestures of being in love with their daughter and one day she caught them red handed in the act.

"I remember very well on that night when I caught them in the act, ....I uncontrollably cried for help from neighbours, who only held a meeting that we settle the matter clandestinely and out of court

“The incident was never reported to the police and now we're experiencing hard life, and I appeal to Katavi Regional authority to intervene and arrest my husband for the law to take its course, she said.

Commenting on the incident, former Kanoge Village Chairman, Pius Selekwa acknowledged to have heard the issue and directions that it becomes solved outside the court.

Similar sentiment was echoed by some villagers, including Siliako Venusko, who said the couple and neighbours decided to solve it amicably at the family level.

Author: PETI SIYAME in Mpanda

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