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Lone Covid-19 patient at Dar hospital speaks out

"I HAVE been alone in this room since the day I came here for treatment, six or seven days ago,” a female Covid-19 patient remarked at the Mwanyamala designated ward stated on Fridday.

The 50-year-old woman added: “I didn't find any patient in the ward and since then I have not been joined by anyone. The doctors and nurses are so cooperative, caring and friendly, as you can see my condition has significantly improved.”

Speaking from her hospital bed, the Dar es Salaam resident admitted to the regional referral hospital told the ‘Daily News’ that she has been the only patient at the16- bed health facility.

The testimony clearly proves wrong the unjustified assertions advanced by illwishers that Tanzanian hospitals were overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients.

This paper’s investigations around Dar es Salaam hospitals also established that the claims were just analogous to building up non-existent links to non-existent accounts.

The Dar es Salaam based Mwananyamala hospital has 32-bed capacity for Covid-19 patients, 16 beds being for males ward and the remaining 16 are for females.

The woman noted that she had been receiving good treatment from day one when she tested positive of Covid-19 and that her condition was improving day by day.

The patient was able to recall her condition on the first day she was sent to the facility for treatment.

"I was critically ill, to the point that I couldn't do anything, I was sweating and coughing. Thanks God that at least I'm doing fine as my condition is improving; it isn't the same as the first day I came here," she recalled, adding: "But I still have a problem with my heartbeat; I'm also feeling some body pains, but I am optimistic that I will recover soon and rejoin my family".

"Here in Dar es Salaam I live in Tegeta with my children, but my home town is Moshi, in Kilimanjaro Region," said the woman who admitted that the day she was brought at the facility she was critically ill.

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’, the Mwananyamala Regional Referral Hospital Chief Medical Officer, Dr Daniel Mkungu, was confident that the patient would recover.

"It's encouraging to see her condition improving, as you have seen, the 15 beds in the ward in which she is sleeping are empty, we are doing everything within our capacity to have her cured and discharged," said the doctor.

He added that the centre receives Covid- 19 patients and those who would test positive will start treatment immediately.


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