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Covid-19 war pays off, PS Abbasi notes

PRESIDENT Magufuli’s approach in handling the novel coronavirus pandemic is now touted as the best one for Tanzania’s setting as it has positively saved the nation from its effects.

The outbreak that surfaced in China late last year before it spread across the globe, forced each nation in the world to come up with its containment approach, some resorting to lockdown.

The pandemic claimed thousands of lives, paralysing the world’s economy.

“Though Covid-19 has been a global war, each nation, depending on its circumstances, and with basic precautions, had the opportunity to choose their weapon of choice fitting their approach in winning it,” remarked Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Dr Hassan Abbasi who visited Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN) head office yesterday.

He added: “Government operations are running better than expected, major projects are continuing, all thanks to the President’s no-lockdown approach, including reminding Tanzanians to go back to the traditional treatment like steam therapy and local production of protective gear. The government made a tough decision and gladly did not fail.”

Dr Abbasi, who doubles as Chief Government Spokesman, said every nation had its strategies in ensuring that they emerged victorious against the novel coronavirus war, saying things like steam therapy had been there since time immemorial and that it was gaining popularity as it proved to be a good treatment.

“Had we decided to impose lockdown, our economic situation would have been worse than now; and it would have taken time to return to its original state. The western world is very different from ours; we cannot copy the way they fight their battle,” he further remarked.

In a meeting with the management of Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN), Dr Abbasi, who is also the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts, and Sports, noted that President John Magufuli’s bold move of allowing divine intervention also helped in consolidating hopes for winning the battle against the virus.

He pointed out that projects like Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), water and electricity supply were continuing as scheduled. He further noted that the government and its citizens were working hard.

“The country is safe. Despite the challenges in both social and economic sectors caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, monthly revenue collection has not dropped below 1.3 tril/-," he emphasized.

“This is all because of the leadership strategies and approach taken by President John Magufuli on how to fight the war against coronavirus, which has steered the country to safety with minimal impact,” he remarked.

He noted that Dar es Salaam had lately had less than 30 coronavirus patients.

“People are fit and going on with life while taking precautions,” he said.

Dr Abbasi urged citizens to refrain from fear, but stressed that they should continue taking precautions like wearing masks when in crowds, practicing social distance and frequently washing hands, as the virus was still prevalent.

THE government, through the Office of Solicitor General, ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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